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Matt Hawkins # 38 Crate Modified Youngest Top Rookie Of The Year at

Georgetown Speedway in the GM Crate Division

All Photos by Bonnie Nibblett


2007 Rookies Of The Year  Named..... What is the Rookie All About?


November 15, 2007


Delmar, DE…..It was 2003, when a new web site was unleashed with Delaware’s racing news, stories, photos, etc.  There was not much on the Internet about the Delaware tracks events or results for fans to find in any single place.  Only the tracks had web sites with the news on their track.  That was the time that came about.  The stock car racing in Delaware, just as exciting as the neighboring states tracks. 


The first year the web site wanted to recognize new drivers that either switched from one division or even new into the clay oval dirt racing at Delaware  International Speedway, Delmar, DE.  That year each new driver was given a certificate to honor their status in points. 


In 2004, John Theofiles, owner of AutoWorld in Delmar, DE, came aboard when he was asked if he might be interested in sponsoring and supporting the Top Rookie in each division.  John was more than glad to take on this task to support race drivers at the Delaware International Speedway.  John responded  "I try to do all I can to help keep racers racing."  John has been race fan and loyal sponsor for drivers and the track for a number of years.  This project was solely presented by and the sponsor, and not related with Delaware International Speedway or how the track recognizes their drivers.  


This year the 2007 Rookies of the Year Delaware International Speedway go to:


For the first time there was not an eligible Modified driver this year.  The two crate classes had many new drivers along with young drivers (ages 14-18) this year.  In fact the two crate classes offered thirty-one drivers with a chance to grab the titles; the most ever.  So the web decided to give the youngest driver (14-18 yrs old) in the two crate classes.  Bonnie Nibblett commented “I wish I could have given each of the youngest new drivers a plague, but I could not do that, I appreciate John from AutoWorld sponsoring each class so much, I wouldn’t ask for more.” 


Also new for 2007 for the first time Rookie of the Year for each class was developed for the Georgetown Speedway, Georgetown, DE.  Scott’s Chem Dry of Seaford, DE came forward to be the sponsor of that tracks rookies.  Hopefully, Georgetown Speedway will be reopened for the 2008 season so the rookie awards can continue; Georgetown Speedway closed in August this year. 


The Rookies of the Year at Georgetown Speedway go to:

There were only three divisions to participate, so the two crate classes were awarded to the two youngest top drivers in points.


In the 2004 season Bonnie Nibblett, owner of, devised an 8 x 10 plague award for each top rookie driver in each racing divisions.  Each year Bonnie has talked with any new drivers or drivers moving from one class to another to find out which drivers were able to be a candidate for the rookie titles.  Drivers were selected by qualifications in accordance to the webs specifications to become a candidate. 


The qualifications consist that the driver be new to that class they will racing in, such as modified, late model, the two crate classes and modified lites.  Should the driver start the last few weeks of the past season with a new division but, did not race more than five races the prior season, then they were eligible to be a candidate.   A driver can come from any form of racing, such as go-karts, BMX, motocross, just to mention a few.  Or the driver may not have driven any race divisions prior.  Lastly, if a driver races in one class such as the AC Delco TSS Modified class and switches to the Street Modified/TSS Late Model class, he/she would be entitled for Rookie of the Year in that division. 


So every year the candidates are listed on the web in the order they are positioned in the tracks points, and also in the rank of the web sites position.  At the end of the season the driver with the highest points will be The Rookie of the Year (RoY) for that particular division of racing.  A plague is made with the RoY’s name, division, presented by and sponsored by AutoWorld, Delmar, DE.


If you are not the top rookie, then those drivers will all receive a certificate stating the rank in points from the web site and the tracks points.  Bonnie wanted to let the drivers know they are appreciated for all their efforts in racing and thought this would be another way to let drivers know of the web site.  Bonnie replied “Not all drivers have the money to run the top equipment or never get much recognition in news with all the classes.  I just want to let them know that they are just an important as all the drivers.” 


“Some of the drivers are not sure exactly what it means when I ask them their prior racing experience to be a candidate.  But once the season ends and each driver are awarded their plague, they really seem to appreciate it.  Even the guys that just get certificates seem to be grateful for the small amount of attention.” added Bonnie. 


The web site would like to that all the webs sponsors:  Moore’s Power Coating, Will Brown’s Truck Repair, Tom Jerman’s Picture Works, P&S Designs, Howard’s Trains, Buddy Bloom Lawnmower Repairs, Scott’s Chem Dry, Autoworld, Barry’s Tickets, Vivid Seats, and the largest racing message board on Delmarva POWERED by Bi-Rite Auto Sales, and Hab-Nab Trucking both of Seaford, DE.  See you at the track!

Chad Clark # H2O AC Delco TSS Modified 2007 Rookie of the Year at Delaware International Speedway

Ross Robinson # 61 was the Rookie of the Year in late Model at both tracks DIS and GT

Staci Warrington # 20 TSS Late Model/Street Modified 2007 Top Youngest Rookie of the Year at Georgetown Speedway

Jack Mullins, Jr. # 1 Street Modified TSS Late Model 2007 Rookie of the Year at Delaware International Speedway

Justin Breeding # 27 TSS Late Model  / Street Modified Division

2007 Youngest GM Crate Rookie Driver of the Year at Delaware International Speedway