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Williams wins Western Md. Nationals at The Rock

Nov. 5, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. -- David Williams captured the ninth annual Western Maryland Nationals headliner to close the season for the Steel Block Bandits and The Rock, Allegany County Speedway on Saturday night.

Williams prevailed over Walker Arthur and D.J. Troutman in the 50-lap main event and celebrated the cool $5,000 win on a chilly night. Williams was one of three new Nationals winners along with Justin Michael, Hobby Stocks, and Nick Iski, 4-Cylinders. Chris Chamberlain and Ray Shepherd, the 2009 winners, won the Street Stock and 6/8-Cylinder races.

Williams, of Charlotte Hall, Md., chased down Arthur 17 laps into the race and grabbed the lead on lap 19. After the halfway stop, Williams was in control the rest of the way. After Arthur, whose second-place finish secured the series championship, Troutman and Glenn Elliott ended up third and fourth after getting around Rick Singleton early on lap 15. Singleton ended up fifth.

Chris Harr, Gene Knaub, Tyler Armstrong, Danny Snyder and Booper Bare rounded out the top 10. The race had four cautions.

Chamberlain was in control throughout the 30-lap Street Stock race. Bob Jay, John Whitfield, Daryl Whetstone and Justin Bonnett claimed the rest of the top five spots. Chamberlain was leading by a straightaway as Jay, Todd Dennis and Whitfield battled for second early.

The race was stopped at lap eight for a crash involving Bobby Neratka on the backstretch. By lap 12, Dennis fell out of the race and Matt Howsare exited on lap 16, leaving Jay, Whitfield and Whetstone running second through fourth. Chamberlain won by over three seconds over Jay at the conclusion.

Michael led all the way in the 25-lap Hobby Stock race over Travis Group. Michael and Group pulled away early leaving Charlie Walter, R.T. Troutman and David Riley racing in the top five. Another hard crash stopped the race when Rudy Denke and Kevin Van Horn hit the wall in turn three, sending Van Horn over the guardrail. After the clean-up, and the final caution for Walter on lap 17, Michael pulled away from Group in the waning laps. Troutman, Riley and Justin Milburn completed the top five.

Iski emerged with the lead after two attempts at the initial start and stayed out front to collect the checkered flag 18 laps later in the 4-Cylinder feature. Steve Settle and Mike Lauffer finished second and third. Davey Lambert and Paul Koffler Jr. completed the top five.

Shepherd won the 6/8-Cylinder race over Will Worthington and Brandon Inglish. Inglish closed the gap in the final laps but when Worthington spun to bring out the caution, Inglish's car stalled and he was unable to continue.

The Rock - Allegany County Speedway
Nov. 5, 2011
Race Results
STEEL BLOCK BANDITS SERIES: 1. David Williams, 2. Walker Arthur, 3. D.J. Troutman, 4. Glenn Elliott, 5. Rick Singleton, 6. Chris Harr, 7. Gene Knaub, 8. Tyler Armstrong, 9. Danny Snyder, 10. Booper Bare, 11. Matt Howsare, 12. Bruce Kane, 13. Kyle Merkel, 14. Matt Cosner, 15. Rick Hulson, 16. Sean Merkel, 17. Barry Miller, 18. Eric Irvin, 19. Tim Smith Jr., 20. Jack Pencil, 21. Khi Swanger, 22. Wes Bonebrake, 23. Daniel Cornman. DNS: Matt Sponaugle, DNQ: Will Rowe, Dale Smith, Mike Harvey.

STREET STOCK (30 laps): 1. Chris Chamberlain, 2. Bob Jay, 3. John Whitfield, 4. Daryl Whetstone, 5. Justin Bonnett, 6. David Whetstone, 7. Mike Desch, 8. Travis Brown, 9. Donnie Smith, 10. Dennis Collins, 11. Teddy Dickson, 12. Matt Howsare, 13. Todd Dennis, 14. Bobby Neratka, 15. Jamey Swank.

HOBBY STOCK (25 laps): 1. Justin Michael, 2. Travis Group, 3. R.T. Troutman, 4. David Riley, 5. Justin Milburn, 6. Billy VanMeter, 7. Jarrod Brown, 8. Bradley Feight, 9. Brad Nesline, 10. Charlie Walter, 11. Kevin Van Horn, 12. Rudy Denke; DNS: Tim Brown, James Nelson, Marcius VanMeter, Kevin Taylor.

FACTORY STOCK 4-CYLINDER (18 laps): 1. Nick Iski, 2. Steve Settle, 3. Mike Lauffer, 4. Davey Lambert, 5. Paul Koffler Jr., 6. Chris Shoemaker, 7. Todd Detrick, 8. Steve Riggleman, 9. Skip Bryner, 10. Andrew Pluta, 11. Dwain Rhodes, 12. Jon Gephart, 13. Jeremy Hilton, 14. Nathan Kamminsky, 15. Brett King, 16. Neil Bauer Jr., 17. Allen Fortney, 18. Steve McMahon, DNS: DacRon Powell.

FACTORY STOCK 6/8-CYLINDER (15 laps): 1. Ray Shepherd, 2. Will Worthington, 3. Brandon Inglish.










The Rock - Allegany County Speedway
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Elliott gets another Big Kahuna win

Sept. 30, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. -- Ricky Elliott won the preliminary feature on Friday night for the Big Kahuna XII at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway.

The win in the junior feature, officially called the Waikiki Wave 31, was Elliott's third overall in the Big Kahuna's history. He claimed the $2,000 win over Jeff Rine and Dylan Yoder. The Big Kahuna was scheduled to continue on Saturday, Oct. 1 with the 50-lap main event.

In other action on a cool and occasionally damp Friday night, Neil Bauer Jr. won the 4-Cylinder race in memorable fashion with the rear bumper crossing the finish line first. Marcius VanMeter appeared to be the runner-up but was recorded as the Hobby Stock winner after Travis Group didn't pass the post-race inspection.

Elliott took the green in fourth and grabbed his first two spots on the opening lap. He settled in behind pole-sitter and leader Dylan Yoder until lap four. After consecutive cautions, Elliott claimed the lead on the next lap. Yoder chased Elliott until lap 17 when Rine took second away following the third caution. Elliott ended up several car lengths ahead of Rine while battling traffic at the finish.

Behind Yoder in third, Chuck Clise ended up fourth with Keith Barbara in fifth. Chad McClellan, Jim Yoder, Nick Dickson, Jared Miley and Matt Parks completed the top 10.

In the Hobby Stock feature, Group led the entire way and finished 12 car lengths ahead of VanMeter until VanMeter was named the winner after inspections. The official rundown after VanMeter included DavidRiley, Bill Replogle, Charlie Walter and Tom Warren in the top five.

VanMeter, who started second and Riley, who started fifth, swapped the second spot on lap one and again on lap six. Replogle was in the mix with the leaders throughout the race. Walter battled with Warren to pick up a spot on lap 10. The race was briefly delayed due to light rain during lap eight.

The 4-Cylinder race ended wildly at the finish line with Bauer colliding with Nick Iski against the guardrail and spinning backward across the finish line. Bauer won by the rear bumper which was just ahead of Iski. Bauer was out front comfortably when Iski caught up with two laps to go. Iski's first try for the came up short and Bauer kept the lead into turn three on the last lap. Iski then went to the outside and the two were side by side off of turn four when the contact started as both drivers went on the offensive against the frontstretch guardrail.

Bauer started on the pole and led every lap. Iski started second and dropped several spots on a restart. He fought back to get second again on lap four. Skip Bryner, Chad Ritchey and Paul Koffler Jr. completed the top five.

The Rock - Allegany County Speedway
Sept. 30, 2011
Race Results


SUPER LATE MODEL (31 laps): 1. Ricky Elliott, 2. Jeff Rine, 3. Dylan Yoder, 4. Chuck Clise, 5. Keith Barbara, 6. Chad McClellan, 7. Jim Yoder, 8. Nick Dickson, 9. Jared Miley, 10. Matt Parks, 11. Derek Byler, 12. Jerry Bard, 13. Mason Zeigler, 14. John Garvin Jr., 15. Matt Cosner, 16. Corey Weaver, 17. Quintin Wyandt, 18. Wayne Johnson, 19. Brian Booze, 20. D.J. Troutman, 21. Danny Mitchell, 22. Greg Fetters, 23. Devin Friese, 24. Matt Sponaugle. DNQ: Todd Snook, Tom Decker Jr., Tom Decker III, Derek Sala, Casey Fleegle.

HOBBY STOCK (15 laps): 1. Marcius VanMeter, 2. David Riley, 3. Bill Replogle, 4. Charlie Walter, 5. Tom Warren, 6. Brad Nesline, 7. R.T. Troutman, 8. Tim Brown, 9. Jarrod Brown, 10. Kevin Van Horn, 11. Bryan Morris, 12. Brad Feight, 13. Brian Ringer, 14. Kevin Taylor, 15. Rob Varner, 16. Justin Milburn, 17. Billy VanMeter; DQ: Travis Group; DNS: Jason Haggerty, Ed Vogel, Brandon Inglish.

FACTORY STOCK 4-CYLINDER (12 laps): 1. Neil Bauer Jr., 2. Nick Iski, 3. Skip Bryner, 4. Chad Ritchey, 5. Paul Koffler Jr., 6. Dwain Rhodes, . Steve Riggleman, 8. Steve Settle, 9. Phil Best, 10. Ronnie Valentine, 11. Chris Shoemaker, 12. Jason Poland, 13. Mike Lauffer, 14. Davey Lambert; DNS: Tyler Larkin, Jon Gephart.









The Rock - Allegany County Speedway
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Troutman wins, champs decided at The Rock

Sept. 10, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. -- Tight battles in the championship standings ended without a major upset in the five divisions on the final regular season race Saturday night at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway. Three new winners included George Hilliard Memorial winner D.J.  Troutman, and Andrew Pluta Jr. and Ray Shepherd in the Factory Stock classes. Brian Duffy won his third Street Stock race and Justin Michael took the suspense out of the closest point battle entering the Hobby Stock feature by claiming another win.

Matt Sponaugle earned the Limited Late Model championship for the  second straight year and fourth time in his career. Daryl Whetstone recovered in the Street Stock feature to win that championship for the first time. Michael broke through for his first Hobby Stock title, and DacRon Powell and Brian Ringer repeated as 4-Cylinder and  6/8-Cylinder champs.

In the 20-lap George Hilliard Memorial, Troutman grabbed the lead in the opening corners over Sponaugle and went on to win by nearly two seconds. Troutman led by nearly three seconds with eight laps to go. Sponaugle made up some time before the finish when Troutman got into traffic in the last two laps.

After Sponaugle, Travis Stickley drove to a third-place finish. Barry Miller and Eric Irvin wound up fourth and fifth.

Duffy led the entire distance in the 16-lap Street Stock race. Behind him, two incidents shuffled the field, the first of which nearly gave John Whitfield the championship over  Whetstone. Whetstone entered therace leading by 30 points.

Duffy led Whetstone, Bob Jay, Whitfield and Chris Chamberlain after  the first lap but on the next lap Whetstone fell to fourth and spun after Chamberlain spun ahead of him  in turn two. Whitfield held third and was in the driver's seat for the championship when Whetstone was forced to restart in 12th place. By lap 10, Whetstone recovered to sixth and two laps later, Whitfield was forced to pit with a flat tire. After the final caution with two laps to go, Duffy took another commanding lead. Kerry Molovich finished second when Jay fell off the  pace in the last laps. Justin Bonnett, Whetstone and Chamberlain completed the top five. Whitfield finished eighth to end his championship hope.

Michael entered the Hobby Stock race with a scant five-point margin over Jimmy Moreland for the title but didn't leave any doubt by going the distance ahead of the field. David Riley kept the race competitive by hanging around in the runner-up spot. He ended up two car lengths  off the winning pace at the finish.  Moreland ran as high as third but ended up fifth. Billy VanMeter and Marcius VanMeter got third and fourth.

Pluta grabbed a win over Kevin Beers Jr. that was marred when a fire broke out on Pluta's car shortly after the race concluded. Pluta stopped on the backstretch after the race as flames whipped over the back half of his No. 88. He escaped the cockpit unharmed.

Beers made a strong bid for the lead after the final caution came on lap eight. Pluta held on long enough to get the checkered over Beers and Robert Pluta. Powell recovered from an earlier crash with Pluta to finish fourth, handily winning the championship. Fifth went to Nick Iski.

Shepherd took the lead from Ringer on the second lap and went on to win by four car lengths over Jason Stoner in the 12-lap 6/8-Cylinder feature. Ringer ended up third and claimed the championship over Dave Comer, who finished sixth.

Shepherd led by nearly half of a straightaway but Stoner, who took second from Ringer on lap six, steadily closed in before the finish.  Christine Stickley earned a fourth-place finish. Ryan Peer ended up fifth.

The Big Kahuna returns to The Rock on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1. with the UFo Race Championship late models.

The Rock - Allegany County Speedway

Sept. 10, 2011
Race Results

GEORGE HILLIARD MEMORIAL (20 laps): 1. D.J. Troutman, 2. Matt Sponaugle, 3. Travis Stickley, 4. Barry Miller, 5. Eric Irvin, 6. George Dixon Jr., 7. Khi Swanger, 8. Corey Weaver, 9. Tim Smith Jr., 10. Matt Emerick, 11. Ronnie Bottenfield, DNS: Travis Calhoun.

STREET STOCK (16 laps): 1. Brian Duffy, 2. Kerry Molovich, 3. Justin Bonnett, 4. Daryl Whetstone, 5. Chris Chamberlain, 6. Jeremy Swank, 7. Rick Wright, 8. John Whitfield, 9. Kevin Deremer, 10. Dennis Collins, 11. Bob Jay, 12. Elwood Hyre, 13. Zane Weicht, 14. Joe Marple.

HOBBY STOCK (15 laps): 1. Justin Michael, 2. David Riley, 3. Billy VanMeter, 4. Marcius VanMeter, 5. Jimmy Moreland, 6. Jim DeArmitt, 7. Kevin Van Horn, 8. Bryan  Morris, DNS: Kevin Tayler, Brad Feight, Alan Shives, Jason Haggerty.

FACTORY STOCK 4-CYLINDER (12 laps): 1. Andrew Pluta Jr., 2. Kevin Beers Jr., 3. Robert Pluta, 4. DacRon Powell, 5. Nick Iski, 6. Philip Best, 7. Chris Shoemaker, 8. Ronnie Valentine, 9. Jason Poland, 10. Tyler Larkin, 11. John Crowfis Jr., 12. Harold Propst, 13. Steve Riggleman, 14. Ryan Peer, 15. Kevin See, DNS: Daniel Wratchford, Neil Bauer Jr.

FACTORY STOCK 6/8-CYLINDER (12 laps): 1. Ray Shepherd, 2. Jason Stoner, 3. Brian Ringer, 4. Christine Stickley, 5. Ryan Peer, 6. Dave Comer, 7. Will Worthington, 8. Brandon Inglish.









The Rock – Allegany County Speedway
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Sponaugle earns another Shootout win at The Rock

July 30, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. – Matt Sponaugle had the field covered for his fourth win of 2011 on Saturday night at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway.

Marcius VanMeter won his second straight Hobby Stock race while Gary Proctor made it three straight in the 6/8-Cylinder race and Neil Bauer, Jr. won the 4-Cylinder race for the second time. Chris Chamberlain broke through for his first Street Stock win.

Sponaugle, who has now claimed three of the first four 358 Shootouts presented by BBi and Cresap Automotive Machine, won by slightly less than two seconds over Rick Singleton and Tim Smith Jr. Sponaugle started fifth but charged to second in the first lap and took the lead from pole-sitter Brian Lowery by lap three.

Once out front, Sponaugle drove away from the field on two separateoccasions. He led by as much as five seconds when a caution slowed the pace on lap 13. The final caution on lap 21 allowed the field to tighten up but Sponaugle won handily at the finish.

Singleton came from fourth on lap 12 to get second and third from Smith and Lowery following the restart on lap 13. He was able to fend off Smith on several occasions in the waning laps. Corey Weaver and Mike Altobelli Jr. made late moves to secure the fourth and fifth spots.

Chamberlain took the lead from John Whitfield with two laps to go to win the 16-lap Street Stock feature. Behind Whitfield in second, Daryl Whetstone, Kevin Deremer and Justin Bonnett rounded out the top five.

Whitfield found the lead when Rick Wright was forced to the pits with an apparent overheated engine. Wright, the pole-sitter, had led until lap six. Brian Duffy was also in contention in second when he had to pit due to engine problems on lap 10.

Chamberlain moved into second on the next lap and battled with Whitfield on the outside until he was able to pull ahead during lap 13.

Marcius VanMeter avoided two incidents at the outset and got by Jimmy Moreland on lap five for the winning move in the Hobby Stock feature. Moreland finished five car lengths back in second. Justin Michael finished third while Bill VanMeter and Bryan Morris grabbed fourth and fifth at the finish.

Moreland led the first four laps until VanMeter got position on the inside on lap four and completed the pass on the next lap.

Bauer prevailed after a late caution in the 4-Cylinder race over DacRon Powell, Mike Lauffer, Kevin Beers Jr. and Ronnie Valentine.

Bauer took over the lead at the start and led by as much as three seconds before a caution just after taking the white flag gave the field a chance to catch up and put Bauer’s lead in jeopardy. When the race resumed for the final lap, Bauer hung on by two car lengths over Powell. Lauffer barely edged out Beers for third at the finish line.

Proctor overcame starting seventh to cruise to another 6/8-Cylinder win. He needed just four of the 12 laps to get ahead of Jason Stoner and Ray Shepherd. After a caution on lap seven, Proctor drove away to win by nearly five seconds over Stoner and Shepherd. Brian Ringer and Will Worthington completed the top five.

Racing continues at The Rock on Aug. 27 with the final round of the 358 Shootout plus Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinders and 6/8-Cylinders. For more information, visit the speedway’s web site at

Race Results
The Rock, Allegany County Speedway
Saturday, June 30, 2011
LIMITED LATE MODELS (25 Laps): 1. Matt Sponaugle, 2. Rick Singleton, 3. Tim Smith Jr., 4. Corey Weaver, 5. Mike Altobelli Jr., 6. Travis Stickley, 7. Brian Lowery, 8. Travis Calhoun, 9. Matt Emerick, 10. Nathan LaSalle, 11. Eric Irvin, 12. Barry Miller.

STREET STOCKS (16 Laps): 1. Chris Chamberlain, 2. John Whitfield, 3. Daryl Whetstone, 4. Kevin Deremer, 5. Justin Bonnett, 6. Elwood Hyre, 7. Zane Weicht, 8. Brian Duffy, 9. Rick Wright.

HOBBY STOCKS (15 Laps): 1. Marcius VanMeter, 2. Jimmy Moreland, 3. Justin Michael, 4. Billy VanMeter, 5. Bryan Morris, 6. Rob Varner, 7. David Riley, DNS: R.T. Troutman, Mike Lewis.

4-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. Neil Bauer Jr., 2. DacRon Powell, 3. Mike Lauffer, 4. Kevin Beers Jr., 5. Ronnie Valentine, 6. Nick Iski, 7. Chris Shoemaker, 8. Steve McMahon, 9. Steve Riggleman, 10. Tyler Larkin, 11. Harold Propst, 12. Kevin See, 13. Jason Poland, 14. John Crowfis Jr., 15. Dwain Rhodes, DNS: Davey Lambert, Daniel Wratchford.

6/8-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. Gary Proctor, 2. Jason Stoner, 3. Ray Shepherd, 4. Brian Ringer, 5. Will Worthington, 6. Brandon Inglish, 7. Jimmy Moreland, 8. Dave Comer, 9. Rel Breedlove.









The Rock - Allegany County Speedway
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Sponaugle storms to third win at The Rock

July 9, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. -- Matt Sponaugle conquered the field again in the 358 BedRock Shootout series on Saturday night at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway.

Daryl Whetstone and Kevin Beers Jr. picked up their first wins of the season in the Street Stock and 4-Cylinder races, respectively. Marcius VanMeter and Gary Proctor won the Hobby Stock and 6/8-Cylinder races for their second wins.

Sponaugle started the 25-lap feature out front and drove away in the last half of the race. The win was his third overall and second this season in the 358 Shootouts presented by BBi and Cresap Automotive Machine. Two races for the Shootout remain this season.

With Sponaugle out front, Corey Weaver picked up second from Travis Stickley on lap three. Tim Smith Jr. followed to take third on the next lap. After the second and final caution on lap six, Sponaugle raced his way to a comfortable lead and went on to win by a straightaway. Weaver's runner-up finish was his best of the season. Smith settled for third after pressuring   Weaver in the last half of the race. Stickley and Brian Lowery wrapped up the top five finishers.

Whetstone broke through for the victory in the 16-lap Street Stock feature after three straight runner-up finishes this year. He outdistanced previous feature winners Brian Duffy and John Whitfield by over two seconds at the finish. Whetstone started on the pole.

Whitfield and Duffy started fifth and sixth. Whitfield got to second quickly but gave up the spot to Duffy on lap five. Whetstone was too far ahead and no cautions came to help Duffy and Whitfield close the gap. Justin Bonnett and Kevin Deremer completed the top five.

VanMeter's big move at the start of the 15-lap Hobby Stock race allowed him to get the lead and eventually the victory. Starting fourth, VanMeter sprinted toward turn one when the green waived on the outside, charging past pole-sitter David Riley, Justin Michael and Jimmy Moreland. VanMeter won by seven car lengths over Riley. Michael, Moreland and Bill VanMeter finished third through fifth.

Beers claimed the 4-Cylinder win by three seconds over Davey Lambert, Mike Lauffer, Jason Riggleman and Nick Iski. Beers came from sixth to the lead in the first three laps. He got around Mike Lauffer in turn two on lap three and pulled away from Lambert late in the race. Lambert took second from Lauffer on lap seven.

Proctor's win was his second straight in the 6/8-Cylinder main event. He started seventh, avoided an early crash and grabbed the lead on lap three from Ray Shepherd. Jason Stoner also passed Shepherd for second moments later. Proctor led by 10 car-lengths until Stoner bounced off the wall on lap nine. Proctor cruised ahead to win by over four seconds. Stoner, Shepherd, Brian Ringer and Joe Rodgers completed the top five.

The Rock will be back in action on July 30.

The Rock - Allegany County Speedway
July 9, 2011
Race Results

358 SHOOTOUT ROUND 3 (25 laps): 1. Matt Sponaugle, 2. Corey Weaver, 3. Tim Smith Jr., 4. Travis Stickley, 5. Brian Lowery, 6. Barry Miller, 7. Matt Emerick, 8. Travis Calhoun, 9. Jake Griffith, 10. Craig Perigo, 11. Ryan Dixon, 12. Ronnie Bottenfield, 13. Eric Irvin, DNS: Nathan LaSalle.

STREET STOCK (16 laps): 1. Daryl Whetstone, 2. Brian Duffy, 3. John Whitfield, 4. Justin Bonnett, 5. Kevin Deremer, 6. Keith Koontz; DNS: Buddy Wilson, Elwood Hyre, Rick Wright.

HOBBY STOCK (15 laps): 1. Marcius VanMeter, 2. David Riley, 3. Justin Michael, 4. Jimmy Moreland, 5. Bill VanMeter, 6. Mike Lewis, 7. Bradley Feight; DNS: Bryan Morris.

FACTORY STOCK 4-CYLINDER (12 laps): 1. Kevin Beers Jr., 2. Davey Lambert, 3. Mike Lauffer, 4. Jason Riggleman, 5. Nick Iski, 6. Chris Shoemaker, 7. Phil Best, 8. Kevin See, 9. John Crowfis Jr., 10. Jason Poland, 11. Daniel Wratchford, 12. Dwain Rhodes, 13. DacRon Powell; DNS: Neil Bauer Jr.

FACTORY STOCK 6/8-CYLINDER (12 laps): 1. Gary Proctor, 2. Jason Stoner, 3. Ray Shepherd, 4. Brian Ringer, 5. Joe Rodgers, 6. Dave Comer, 7. Ryan Peer, 8. James Clark, 9. Russell Hutzell, 10. Brandon Inglish.










The Rock – Allegany County Speedway
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Howsare gets first win at The Rock

June 25, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. – Matt Howsare led the entire way to win the second race of the 358 BedRock Shootout and joined four other new winners on Saturday night at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway.

Howsare got his first Rock win in the 25-lap feature presented by BBi and Cresap Automotive Machine. Bill Replogle, John Whitfield, Gary  Proctor and Neil Bauer Jr. all got their first wins of the season in other divisions.

Howsare took off from the pole in the Limited Late Model feature and wrapped up the victory by two seconds over Travis Stickley and Barry Miller. Howsare dealt with two restarts after cautions, the last of which came on lap 17. After the restart, he increased his lead over Stickley to a full second three laps later.

Matt Sponaugle finished third behind Miller, picking up two spots in the last half of the race. Matt Emerick rounded out the top five.

Whitfield held off Daryl Whetstone in a hotly contested Street Stock feature. The two raced side-by-side throughout much of the first half of the race. Whitfield was able to hold on through lap six, when the two were nearly even at the start-finish line.

After two cautions through lap 11, Whitfield managed to stay ahead by two car lengths to get the checkered flag over Whetstone. Kevin Deremer picked up third on lap 13. Zane Weicht  and Kerry Molovich finished fourth and fifth.

A frantic ending also took place in the Hobby Stock feature with Bill Replogle surviving challenges from David Riley and Justin Michael for the win. Michael led the first nine laps with Jimmy Moreland and Riley behind, and Replogle sitting in fourth. During the caution Michael and Riley both were forced to the pits for flat tires. Moreland took over the lead with Replogle in second for the restart.

Replogle got by Moreland to lead lap 10 and Riley and Michael scrambled to get back to second and third with three laps to go. After the final caution on lap 13, Michael took a shot for the lead on the final lap but dropped back in turn one. Riley had to settle for second, two car lengths short of Replogle at the finish. Moreland ended up third with Michael and Jarrod Brown in fourth and fifth.

Bauer drove away from the 4-Cylinder field until a late caution kept the race close. He finished three car lengths ahead of DacRon Powell. Nick Iski, Chris Shoemaker and Steve Riggleman rounded out the top five.

Bauer had a straightaway lead by the time Powell got by Iski and Riggleman for second. The caution came with three laps to go to keep the race close at the finish.

Proctor overcame an incident that damaged the front of his car on the initial start to win the 6/8-Cylinder feature. Elwood Hyre settled for  second after coming up a few feet short at the finish line. Proctor and Hyre raced door to door from the final turn to the finish.

Brandon Inglish and Brian Ringer recovered from spins to finish third and fourth. Dave Comer rounded out the top five.

Christine Stickley was first in the Powder Puff. Heather Iski, Christina Deremer, Tara Lybarger, Ariann Worthington, Candice Whitman and Tasha Herndon rounded out the field.

Racing continues at The Rock on July 9 with the third round of the 358 Shootout plus Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinders and 6/8-Cylinders. For more information, visit the speedway’s web site at
Race Results
The Rock, Allegany County Speedway
Saturday, June 25, 2011

LIMITED LATE MODELS (20 Laps): 1. Matt Howsare, 2. Travis Stickley, 3.Barry Miller, 4. Matt Sponaugle, 5. Matt Emerick, 6. Travis Calhoun,
7. Corey Weaver, 8. Brian Lowery, 9. Nathan LaSalle.

STREET STOCKS (16 Laps): 1. John Whitfield, 2. Daryl Whetstone, 3. Kevin Deremer, 4. Zane Weicht, 5. Kerry Molovich, 6. Jerry Robinson, 7. Justin Bonnett, 8. David Puckett, 9. Rick Wright.

HOBBY STOCKS (15 Laps): 1. Bill Replogle, 2. David Riley, 3. Jimmy Moreland, 4. Justin Michael, 5. Jarrod Brown, 6. Bryan Morris, 7. Bill VanMeter, 8. Mike Lewis, DNS: Marcius VanMeter, Rob Verner.

4-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. Neil Bauer Jr., 2. DacRon Powell, 3. Nick Iski, 4. Chris Shoemaker, 5. Steve Riggleman, 6. Kevin See, 7. Tyler Larkin, 8. Jason Poland, 9. Jon Gephart, 10. John Crowfis Jr., 11. Steve McMahon, 12. Dwain Rhodes.

6/8-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. Gary Proctor, 2. Elwood Hyre, 3. Brandon Inglish, 4. Brian Ringer, 5. Dave Comer, 6. Will Worthington, 7. John Crowfis Sr., 8. Ray Shepherd, 9. James Clark.









The Rock – Allegany County Speedway
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Sponaugle takes second straight at The Rock

June 18, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. – Matt Sponaugle, Marcius VanMeter, DacRon Powell, Elwood Hyre and Jim Crocker came away with wins after dodging rain showers on Saturday night at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway.

The win was the second straight for Sponaugle in the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature, which started after a rain delay. Sponaugle fought his way to the lead in the first half of the race  after an exciting back-and-forth battle over four laps.

Miller jumped out front when the green waived with Sponaugle getting second. A quick caution after the first lap tightened the field. The race the resumed with Miller and Sponaugle battling door-to-door for much of the next four laps.

Sponaugle got the lead permanently on lap seven and pulled away by 1.5 seconds before a caution on lap 18. He concluded the race by six car lengths over Miller, pole-sitter Travis Calhoun, Matt Howsare and Brian Lowery.

VanMeter won his first Hobby Stock feature of the season by taking the lead from Jimmy Moreland and holding back Travis Michael until the finish. Moreland led the first eight laps, the last five of which VanMeter was looking for the lead on the outside. VanMeter switched to the inside and grabbed the lead on lap nine.

Michael followed to second and pressed VanMeter for the lead throughout the last six laps. VanMeter held off Michael with two laps to go to seal the win. Behind Michael in second, Moreland ended up third, and Billy VanMeter and Jarrod Brown rounded out the top five.

DacRon Powell came away with his second win in the Factory Stock 4-Cylinder division by hanging on over Mike Lauffer. Powell took the lead on lap one and pulled ahead by several car lengths as Lauffer successfully defended the second position from Neil Bauer Jr.

Lauffer caught up with Powell with four laps to go but couldn’t make a run for the lead and slowed coming out of the last turn as Powell got the checkered flag with several car lengths to spare. Lauffer still finished second while Kevin Beers edged out Bauer for third. Dwain Rhodes finished fifth.

The Classic Racing Series event was declared official at lap 12 due to rain with Jim Crocker winning over Pete Neal, Bill Brown, Kurt Welsh and Ron Grove. Crocker took the lead from  Neal four laps earlier and Brown followed to second. Neal got second back as the race concluded under caution.

The 6/8-Cylinder race also ended early under caution with Elwood Hyre winning over Russell Hutzell. Ray Shepherd, Rel Breedlove and James Clark completed the top five. Hyre and Hutzell swapped the lead twice in the first seven laps before the rain came and the race was declared complete.

The Rock will be back in action next Saturday night. Kid’s bike races will be held at intermission. For more information, visit the speedway’s web site at

Race Results
The Rock, Allegany County Speedway
Saturday, June 18, 2011

LIMITED LATE MODELS (20 Laps): 1. Matt Sponaugle, 2. Barry Miller, 3. Travis Calhoun, 4. Matt Howsare, 5. Brian Lowery, 6. Scott Daniels, 7. Nathan LaSalle, 8. Ryan Dixon, 9. Matt Emerick, 10. Corey Weaver, 11. D.J. Troutman, DNS: Ronnie Bottenfield.

HOBBY STOCKS (15 Laps): 1. Marcius VanMeter, 2. Justin Michael, 3. Jimmy Moreland, 4. Billy VanMeter, 5. Jarrod Brown, 6. Bryan Morris, DNS: David Riley.

4-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. DacRon Powell, 2. Mike Lauffer, 3. Kevin Beers, 4. Neil Bauer Jr., 5. Dwain Rhodes, 6. Steve Riggleman, 7. Chris Shoemaker, 8. Tyler Larkin, 9. Jon Gephart, 10. John Crowfis Jr., 11. Jason Poland, DNS: Jason Riggleman, Harold Propst.

6/8-CYLINDERS (7 Laps; Rain Shortened): 1. Elwood Hyre, 2. Russell Hutzell, 3. Ray Shepherd, 4. Rel Breedlove, 5. James Clark, 6. Dave Comer, 7. Brian Ringer, DNS: Brandon Inglish.

CLASSIC CARS (12 Laps; Rain Shortened): 1. Jim Crocker, 2. Pete Neal, 3. Bill Brown, 4. Kurt Welsh, 5. Ron Grove, 6. Neal Reamer, 7. Charlie Weaver, 8. Matt Wallace, DNS: Jack Yingling.










The Rock – Allegany County Speedway
Oval Track Promotions

June 4, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. – Matt Sponaugle made the right moves to earn the first race win for the BedRock 358 Shootouts on Saturday night at The Rock, Allegany County Speedway.

Joining Sponaugle, Brian Duffy, Justin Michael, Jason Stoner and Steve Settle were victorious in their respective classes in The Rock’s second race of the season.

Sponaugle started the 25-lap race from fourth and steadily picked off the drivers ahead of him. Brian Lowery claimed second, just over one second behind Sponaugle at the finish. Nathan  LaSalle, Scott Daniels and Barry Miller finished third through fifth after Khi Swanger came up light at the scales after the race.

Matt Emerick led early on while Sponaugle got third on lap two and then second two laps later. Emerick and Sponaugle fought for the lead over the next lap and Sponaugle grabbed the lead for good on lap six. Emerick later dropped out of the race.

A caution on lap 19 erased a lead of three seconds for Sponaugle and the restart let Lowery get second from Miller. The fifth and final caution came with two laps to go.

Duffy came up with another Street Stock victory on the final lap by getting ahead of Travis Brown, who had led the entire distance. Duffy also claimed the victory in May on the last lap.

After starting sixth, Duffy needed the first six laps to get up to second place. Brown lost his advantage when the caution came out on lap eight and had to contend with Duffy for the rest of the race.

Brown seemed poised to get the win after taking the white flag but came up empty after Duffy got by in turn two and Brown’s engine gave way just feet from the finish line. Daryl Whetstone, Rick Wright, John Whitfield and Kevin Deremer all came around with the rest of the top-five spots ahead of a disappointed Brown.

Michael won the 15-lap Hobby Stock feature with three car lengths to spare over Bill and Marcius VanMeter, David Riley and Bryan Morris.  Michael led the entire way.

Bill and Marcius VanMeter came back from pit stops to keep the race close at the finish. Jimmy Moreland lost a spot in the top five when a wheel came off at lap 12, the second caution of the race.

Settle won the 4-Cylinder event by pulling away from Mark Seiler in the last four laps. Settle and Seiler worked themselves up to the top two spots over Neil Bauer and Nick Iski on lap three.

Bauer ended up third. DacRon Powell recovered from a flat tire to get fourth and Iski was fifth. Settle’s lead increased to 2.7 seconds by lap seven but a caution kept the race closer until lap 10.

Stoner got the 6/8-Cylinder class win over Ray Shepherd, Elwood Hyre, Will Worthington and Brandon Inglish. Shepherd led the first six laps while Stoner passed Hyre for second on lap four and caught Shepherd for the lead shortly thereafter.

Stoner took the checkered flag a full second ahead of Shepherd and Hyre.

The Rock will be back in action on June 18. For more information, visit the speedway’s web site at

Race Results
The Rock, Allegany County Speedway
Saturday, June 4, 2011
LIMITED LM BEDROCK 358 SHOOTOUT #1 (25 Laps): 1. Matt Sponaugle, 2. Brian Lowery, 3. Nathan LaSalle, 4. Scott Daniels, 5. Barry Miller, 6. Matt Emerick, 7. Travis Calhoun, 8. Travis Stickley, 9. Corey Weaver, DQ: Khi Swanger.

STREET STOCKS (16 Laps): 1. Brian Duffy, 2. Daryl Whetstone, 3. Rick Wright, 4. John Whitfield, 5. Kevin Deremer, 6. Travis Brown, DNS: Justin Bonnett.

HOBBY STOCKS (15 Laps): 1. Justin Michael, 2. Bill VanMeter, 3. Marcius VanMeter, 4. David Riley, 5. Bryan Morris, 6. Mike Lewis, 7. Jimmy Moreland, 8. Jim DeArmitt, 9. Jarrod Brown.

4-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. Steve Settle, 2. Mark Seiler, 3. Neil Bauer, 4. DacRon Powell, 5. Nick Iski, 6. Chris Shoemaker, 7. Tyler Larkin, 8. Steve Riggleman, 9. John Crowfis, 10. Jason Poland, 11. Kevin Beers, 12. Jason Riggleman.

6/8-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. Jason Stoner, 2. Ray Shepherd, 3. Elwood Hyre, 4. Will Worthington, 5. Brandon Inglish, 6. Dave Comer, 7. James Clark, 8. Brian Ringer.








For Immediate Use
Myerstown, PA
May 11,2011

Big Kahuna Winners Will Be Hanging 10

The May 29th Big Kahuna Series event at New Egypt Speedway will have more than money on the line as each winner will be receiving a 4 ft. high surfboard designating their win in their respective classes being given out by race promoter Rich Tobias and Speedway Entertainment.

The 4 division racing program will see the SpeedSTR's, Sportsman & Crate Sportsman mods
,Great American Enduro Series and the Vintage Racers all vying for the Big Kahuna Surfboards and the money being posted for all classes. Added bonuses will be heading to a few drivers as the Fan Ticket Bonus and Racers Challenge Bonus could add money to the payout envelopes.

A $2000 winners payout for the SpeedSTR's has attracted quite a bit of interest with Stan Ploski,Billy Pauch and Frank Polimeda all planning on strapping in to the MOPAR powered race cars for the May 29th inaugural event.

With speedway time starting at 12 noon, a full slate of racing will be on the 7/16th mile D-shaped oval. Test and tune sessions for wingless sprints will be placed between a few of the events. The wingless sprinters will have some upcoming races that track time could be beneficial for.

The Great American Enduro Series rules encompass the cars that run at Big Diamond, Grandview and New Egypt Speedways.Pre-entries are being accepted for the GAES event.

The Sportsman and Crate Sportsman rules also include the Big Diamond Sportsman and New Egypt racers. Sportsman rule questions can be directed to Bob Lineman, Sr. and Bob Lineman,Jr. The Lineman's have been very instrumental in organizing the Sportsman part of the program.

The Vintage Racers must abide by all NJ legal safety rules as well as all non-wing sprints in attendance for the test and tunes sessions. The Vintage Racers will see 2 competitive events on the speedway,their qualifier and main event.

The SpeedSTR's rules are governed by Speedway Entertainment and will have a post race tech inspection for selected cars.

All media attendees should have advance notice into the Speedway Entertainment office with media outlet specified. Safety vests of orange or yellow must be worn by all photographers in the infield area. You can contact the office at 717-866-7450.Media requests will also be accepted by FAX at 717-866-7402 or email at

General Admission is $15,military ,senior citizens and ages 12-15 will be admitted for $10.11 and under FREE with a paid adult or guardian.Pit passes are $35,but pre-entry special of $5 off for all 5 races are still available.

Saturday night overnight camping will be allowed.








The Rock – Allegany County Speedway
Oval Track Promotions

Bandit driver Arthur nabs victory at The Rock

May 7, 2011

CUMBERLAND, Md. – Walker Arthur came away with the Steel Block Bandits Late Model racing series victory to officially, and finally, start the 2011 season at The Rock, Allegany  County Speedway on Saturday night.

The Rock’s season opener was delayed by a month after rain wiped out events in April.
Arthur, who also won the season opener at The Rock last year, grabbed the lead early and never relinquished it in the 30-lap feature.

Other action was furious in the final laps with Brian Duffy making a last-lap pass to win the Street Stock race and Jimmy Moreland holding on in the Hobby Stock race. DacRon Powell won his first 4-Cylinder feature and Elwood Hyre won the 6/8-Cylinder feature.

Arthur started on the outside front row for the main event and took off with the lead over Rick Singleton, D.J. Troutman and polesitter Bo Feathers. The Forest, Va., driver led Singleton  throughout the race, including a handful of cautions to win by 10 car-lengths. He claimed $2,000 for the win in his title defense as the 2010 series champion.

Behind Singleton in second, Troutman was third after getting around Feathers on lap 13. Matt Sponaugle finished fourth after starting ninth and Kyle Merkel grabbed the fifth spot.

Sponaugle and Merkel got around Feathers, who ended up sixth, on lap 22. Sponaugle took fourth from Merkel on the following lap. Matt Cosner and Sean Merkel finished seventh and eighth. Booper Bare, who started 18th, finished ninth and Matt Howsare was 10th.

Duffy jumped to the outside in the final turns and beat Daryl Whetstone back to the finish line of the 16-lap Street Stock feature.  Whetstone led early on with Duffy closing in. Duffy  began to try the inside on Whetstone, edging him out on lap 12 only to watch Whetstone retake the lead in turn two.

Duffy choose the high side of turn three to start his charge on the final lap and came away with the win over Whetstone, Chris Chamberlain, Travis Brown and Rick Wright.

Moreland held off Marcius VanMeter with only a few feet to spare in the finish of the 15-lap Hobby Stock race. Moreland took off with the lead from the pole while VanMeter got to second over David Riley and Justin Michael.

Moreland, VanMeter and Riley set up the final push to the checkered flag nearly bumper to bumper with Moreland coming out of turn four with the advantage for the win. Behind Riley in third, Jarrod Brown and Bill VanMeter finished fourth and fifth.

Powell worked himself to the lead from the sixth spot over Jason Riggleman on a restart with two laps to go. The win was Powell’s first in the 4-Cylinder class. Dwain Rhodes, Andrew Pluta Jr., Riggleman and Robert Pluta rounded out the top five.

Powell got by Rhodes for second at lap nine and took the lead from Riggleman on a restart following a caution on the next lap.

Hyre led the final three laps for the 6/8-Cylinder class win. James Clark was out front while Hyre moved into second from the start. Clark held on through cautions on laps five and eight but Hyre found a way around him on lap nine in turn four.

Clark, Brian Ringer, Russell Hutzell and Dave Comer completed the top five positions.

The Rock will host racing next Saturday with the first 358 Bedrock Shootout for Limited Late Models along with Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks, 4-Cylinders and 6/8-Cylinders. Kid’s bike races will be held during intermission.

Race Results
The Rock, Allegany County Speedway
Saturday, May 7, 2011

STEEL BLOCK BANDITS SERIES (30 Laps): 1. Walker Arthur, 2. Rick Singleton, 3. D.J. Troutman, 4. Matt Sponaugle, 5. Kyle Merkel, 6. Bo Feathers, 7. Matt Cosner, 8. Sean Merkel, 9. Booper Bare, 10. Matt Howsare, 11. Joey Leavell, 12. Matt Emerick, 13. Wes Bonebrake, 14. Corey Weaver, 15. Rick Hulson, 16. Eric Irvin, 17. Kristian Looney,
18. Barry Miller, 19. Ryan Christoff, DNS: Trever Feathers, Chris Harr.

STREET STOCKS (16 Laps): 1. Brian Duffy, 2. Daryl Whetstone, 3. Chris Chamberlain, 4. Travis Brown, 5. Rick Wright, 6. John Whitfield, 7. Zane Weicht, 8. Kevin Deremer, 9. Justin Bonnett.

HOBBY STOCKS (15 Laps): 1. Jimmy Moreland, 2. Marcius VanMeter, 3. Dave Riley, 4. Jarrod Brown, 5. Bill VanMeter, 6. Justin Michael, DNS: Kevin Van Horn.

4-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. DacRon Powell, 2. Dwain Rhodes, 3. Andrew Pluta Jr., 4. Jason Riggleman, 5. Robert Pluta, 6. Neil Bauer, 7. Davey Lambert, 8. Nick Iski, 9. Chris Shoemaker, 10. Steve Riggleman, 11. Kevin See, 12. Jon Gephart, 13. Steve McMahon, 14. Jason Poland, 15. John Crowfis Jr., 16. Nathan Kaminsky, 17. Tyler Larkin, DNS: Dan

6/8-CYLINDERS (12 Laps): 1. Elwood Hyre, 2. James Clark, 3. Brian Ringer, 4. Russell Hutzell, 5. Dave Comer, 6. Brandon Inglish, DNS: Rel Breedlove.






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