Racing Concludes For 2012 At The Complex


October 25, 2012

By Bonnie Nibblett


Delmar, DE…..This past weekend the State Dirt Track Championship Show completed the circle tracks action for the 2012 season.  Next month they’ll be more on the results for the last show held.


This Sunday will conclude the US 13 Dragway last event with the Halloween Shoot Out.  Check the tracks web for latest information at  Be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.


Then for the first time this winter the complex will be the home of Decorating Delmarva “Holiday Festival of Lights”. It’s the first year of the annual event and things appear to be right on schedule. This event will start Nov. 15 – Jan. 5. The local schools and local businesses are coming together with villages on the  North Pole Tour on the Santa Expressway, to visit Schoolville, Rudolph’s Diner, Santa’s Village, Dancer’s Hotel, Vixon’s Auto Sales, plus many, many more to see.


Local schools will have different options such as High School Holiday Display, or Middle School Tree Decorating Contest, Non-Profit Groups and Volunteer Fire Companies and more where you can vote for your favorite.  See how funds can be raised for your organization. 


Nightly activities will run Thurs-Sunday from 6-10 PM week days, 6-11 PM weekends.  Roast marshmallows, listen to music or sing carols, visit the souvenir shop, or get your family portrait taken...  Tickets will be $15 car load (up to 8), larger vehicle (9-15) $45, mini buses & tour buses prices available and welcomed.  There will be so much more; you really need to check out the web for more information or questions. Visit


Let’s view the 2012 tracks champions and stats of the season.


*      NAPA Big Block Modified – Jamie Mills # 1W – 9 wins, 7 top 5’s, only 2 below top 10th

*      Super Late Model – Donald lingo, Jr. # 55L – 4 wins, 10 top 5’s, 2 top 10’s, and 1 below top 10th

*      AC Delco Modified -  Joseph Watson # 1J – 7 wins, 7 top 5’s, 1 top 10, and 2 below top 10th  its Watson first AC Delco crate mod championship

*      Crate Model – Matt Hill # 84 – 7 wins, 5 top 5’s, 3 top 10’s, and only 1 below 10th its Hill first crate model championship

*      Modified Lite - Jimmy Wills # 22W – 7 wins, 8 top 5’s, 1 top 10, and 1 below 10th its Will first mod lite championship


The Delaware Motorsports Complex is located just one mile north of the MD / DE state line on Rt. 13( DuPont Hwy), 50 minutes South of Dover, DE and 30 minutes west from the beaches on Sussex Hwy. The race office is open 9-4 PM, m-f, available by phone at 302-875-1911. The tracks hotline has the latest upcoming events at 302-846-3968.


Don’t forget to check out for all your local tracks news. Weekly results and photos can be seen too. Be sure to visit the largest racing message board on Delmarva powered by Note the link to the message board has changed to You’ll want to follow us on Facebook & Twitter too. See you at the track!



DE6-16-12PitShots-CathellMeIMG_0706-c  - NAPA Big Block Modified Champion Jamie Mills # 1W

DE9-29-12PitShotsIMG_4394 - NAPA Big Block Modified Champion Jamie Mills # 1W

DE7-28-12PitShotsIMG_2506 -  - Super Late Model Champion Donald Lingo, Jr. # 55L

DE9-29-12PitShotsIMG_4374 - Super Late Model Champion Donald Lingo, Jr. # 55L & crew

DE6-16-12PitShots-CathellMeIMG_0987 - Crate Model Champion Matt Hill # 84

DE9-29-12PitShotsIMG_4362 - Crate Model Champion Matt Hill # 84 & crew

DE6-16-12PitShots-CathellMeIMG_0968 - A C Delco Modified Joseph Watson # 1J

DE9-29-12PitShotsIMG_4384 - A C Delco Modified Joseph Watson # 1J & crew

DE5-19-12PitShotsIMG_0104-c - Jimmy Wills # 22W Mod Lite Champion

DE9-29-12PitShotsIMG_4378 -  - Jimmy Wills # 22W Mod Lite Champion & crew





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