Father & son team Kerry King, Jr. KB1, the 2012 Redbud69racing.com Super Late Model Rookie of the Year & Kerry King K&B running side by side


Matt Hawkins was Redbud69racing.com 2012 NAPA Big Block Championship Rookie of the Year



The Rookies Are Always A Thrill Every Year



By Bonnie Nibblett

December 27, 2012


Delmar, DE…..Merry Christmas to all and I hope you had a great holiday.  I wish the New Year will be an exciting and happy one as well. 


Even though we have a few months before the new racing season starts, we yet have things from the 2012 season to talk about. 


The banquets for the tracks are Jan. 11 & 12, 2013 at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino, Dover, DE.  Friday, 11th is for the Dragway, and 12th is Saturday for the speedway.  The race office is open 9-4 PM, m-f, available by phone at 302-875-1911 for info & pricing.


The Delaware Motorsports Complex home of the Delaware International Speedway and U S 13 Dragway has closed for all the racing until next spring.  But it is the first year the complex is home to the Decorating Delmarva “Holiday Festival of Lights”.  The entire complex has been converted to a holiday wonderland and a big success so far.  Try to support the community by visiting one night before it’s over on Jan. 5.


Nightly activities will run Thurs-Sunday from 6-10 PM week days, 6-11 PM weekends.  Roast marshmallows, listen to music or sing carols, visit the souvenir shop, or get your family portrait taken...  Tickets will be $15 car load (up to 8), larger vehicle (9-15) $45, mini buses & tour buses prices available and welcomed.  There will be so much more; you really need to check out the web for more information or questions. Visit www.decoratingdelmarva.com.


The Rookies; well since 2003 www.Redbud69racing.com has taken great pride to acknowledge the new drivers every season no matter what age group they are.  Each rookie in the five nitely divisions is awarded a certificate of where they finished in www.Redbud69racing.com points and overall in the tracks points their first year driving.  The top driver in the points’ receives an 8x10 plague sponsored by AutoWorld of Salisbury, MD as the www.Redbud69racing.com of the Rookie Year in their division. 


This year the drivers are no different than in the past season.  First up in the NAPA Big Block Modified was Matt Hawkins # 38, of Dover DE. This was Hawkins first year in the big blocks after racing in the AC Delco divisions the last few years.  He did not run the complete season with only running 10 events out of the 16 shows.  However, he finished 14th overall in track points and is the 2012 Redbud69racing.com Rookie of the Year in Big Blocks.  It’s not confirmed but he should be the tracks Rookie of the Year too.  Hawkins really liked the upgrade to this class.  Hawkins thanks his team, and sponsors DTM Moters and HR’s Hawkins Reporting Services. He was the only rookie driver in this class.


Super Late Model www.Redbud69racing.com of the Rookie of the Year division went to 2nd generation driver Kerry King, Jr. # KB1 of Delmar, DE.  King ran in the Mod Lites a couple years before making the upgrade.  King finished 9th in overall tracks points too.  That’s pretty good for your first year.  King’s Father runs in the super lates driving # K&B plus he was the 2005 recipient www.Redbud69racing.com of the Rookie of the Year in Late Model. 


There were two other rookies in this class.  Staci Robinson #Z14, Georgetown, DE was second in Redbud’s points along with Nick Davis # 92 of Gumboro, DE being 3rd.  Both of these drivers’ ran in the Crate Model division before.  Robinson ran 13 races, but suffered damage that she did not race the last three races.  She finished 14th in track points.  She also ran in the Mod Lites, and crate model class before the switch.  Actually Davis started the year in the crate class but switched up to run 9 events and finished 15th in total track points. 


Ty Short the www.Redbud69racing.com of the Rookie of the Year for the AC Delco Modified


The two crate classes always have the most new drivers each year.  The age for driving in any class is 14 years old.  When the crate classes began more drivers choose to compete in those classes over the Mod Lite class.  There were 9 rookie candidates in www.Redbud69racing.com of the Rookie of the Year for the AC Delco Modified.  The top rookie receiving the 8x10 plague this year is Ty Short # 8.  Short came from Mod Lites and did really super job his first year by finishing 8th in track points out of 12 races.  Short is young man just turning in his 20’s.


The other rookies in finishing order go to Jeff Coffey # 2, (West Star Racing) of Ellendale, DE in Redbud’s points as second with 11th in track points.  Coffey ran in this class for the first time after running 20 years in other types of racing. Coffey really was coming on strong the later part of the year and consistent.  He didn’t get the win but I expect him to, in the new season.  Coffey started his racing in Motocross/ Quads, then ran in go-karts until 2005.  In 2009 he switched to 600cc Micro Sprints where in each division he won many races, and championship titles. 


Next, Nick Nash # 27N of Smyrna, DE, started the year in the crate modified and ran 13 events, finished 16th overall but 3rd in Redbuds’ Rookies.  At the end of this year Nash has decided to go back to the Mod Lites for 2013.  Adam Weber # 20W, of Cambridge, MD ran in Mod Lites and go-karts before this year.  He started the year at 14 yrs old, finished 3rd in Redbuds’ points and 16th in track points.  His Mother Shawn Weber # 19Z also drives in this class. 


Few other rookies in the crate mod class were Paul McGinley # 978, Brandon Watkins # 4, Kevin Gardner # 71 Clay Tatman # 2T, and Nick Alberti # 22.  Watkins and McGinley both came from mod lites.  McGinley has decided to run in the crate model class for 2013.  Tatman drove the crate model class in 2011.


Eric Humlhanz # 59 of Chalfont, PA finished 5th in Redbuds’ AC Delco points.  Humlhanz was also the www.Redbud69racing.com Youngest Rookie of the Year in both of the crate divisions.  So he got the Redbud’s youngest driver in crate racing award.  Eric attends Unami Middle School in PA, he is in the 8th grade, 14 years old, and he has raced quarter midgets from 2007 to 2011.  He attended 2011 Dirt Grands in Taylorville, Illinois and came away being 2011 Heavy 160 Champion; 2011 Montgomery County Quarter Midget Race Club (MCQMRC) Driver of the Year.  Humlhanz stated “I really enjoyed this class over midget racing.  I liked having the competition of more drivers racing too It makes it more fun and challenging. ”  “I plan to run other tracks, then start driving big blocks eventually.”  Humlhanz’s Father was a modified racer too.


 Billy Thompson www.Redbud69racing.com Rookie of the Year in the Crate Model


The Crate Model class had three guys that ran pretty close all season long.  Billy Thompson # 55, of Georgetown, is the www.Redbud69racing.com Rookie of the Year in the Crate Model.  Thompson started racing go-karts in 2004 to claim over 100 wins in races.   “In 2009 I won the championship, with 17 wins out of 18 events.  In 2008, I began driving mod lites but not a full season at Delmar.  This year I ran all of the 15 races in the crate class.”  “ I really like this class, the car is a lot more fun.  The car reacts better to the track over the mod lites.  And I feel it’s has better opportunities in staring & finishing positions. I plan to do better in 2013 since we finally got the setup down pat.”  Thompson finished 14th in the overall track points.


Scott Tessman # 19 of Preston, MD, 2nd place Redbud’s Rookies liked the crate model with more competition for him, and its less expensive after driving in motocross.  Robbie Walls, Jr. # 55A, of Georgetown came from go-karts previously and was 3rd in Redbud’s Rookies. 


Zac Weller # 1* www.Redbud69racing.com Rookie of the Year in Modified Lite division

Lastly the www.Redbud69racing.com Rookie of the Year in Modified Lite division was Zac Weller # 1* of Georgetown and completed the full racing year in this class to finish 11th in overall track points   Weller spent the last couple of seasons racing at Middleford Speedway until he came of age to race at Delmar.  Aaron VanVorst # 4, of Georgetown ran for the first time this year after racing in go-karts for a while and earning many wins and championships.  VanVorst plans to run this class in 2013.  The 3rd place in Redbud’s Rookies was Ryan Dryden # 3, of Hebron, MD.  He also really liked this class over running go-karts against VanVorst in his karts racing career and plans to run this coming season at Delmar.


So the season may be over but there are still thrills learning about your favorite drivers.  To look forward to the new season just around the bend and start it all over to pick your favorite driver.


The Delaware Motorsports Complex is located just one mile north of the MD / DE state line on Rt. 13( DuPont Hwy), 50 minutes South of Dover, DE and 30 minutes west from the beaches on Sussex Hwy. The race office is open 9-4 PM, m-f, available by phone at 302-875-1911. The tracks hotline has the latest upcoming events at 302-846-3968.


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