Some Big Changes For 2013 At The Speedway


By Bonnie Nibblett

February 28, 2013


Delmar, DE…..Delaware Motorsports Complex has set the schedules for both the dragway and the speedway.  The first test-n-tune at the Dragway is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2013.  The ½ mile clay ovals test-n-tune is on April 6, 2013, with the following Saturday night being, April 13 and the season opener to kick off the year plus it will be “Delmar Nite.”  With a Delmar ID fans will be admitted free on general spectator grandstands.  Be sure to check the tracks hot line or web site in case Mother Nature intervenes.   The hot line is 302-846-3968 and the web is


Other big news at the speedway includes that the Super Late Models division will ultimately be as an equal payout & points fund as the NAPA Big Blocks Modifieds receive.  The racers have wanted this for a while; especially with the late models popularity and increase in car count in the last few seasons.  The Super Late Models have grown nationwide.


Other action at the speedway has the WoOLMS (World of Outlaws Late Model Series) returning on May 30, 2013.  The URC Sprints return May 18 & Aug. 31.  This season will include Fall Championship qualifiers in all divisions plus “King of King” Nights for feature winners in the five weekly divisions instead of just the two top classes.  This will guarantee them a spot in the Fall Championship. 


Twin 20’s for both modified & late model will continue.  Special events Wm. J & Juanita Cathell, Kyle Dixon, and the Tony Steele Vintage Car Memorials will run again. Camp Barnes is scheduled for Tuesday night, July 9, 2013.


Both the crate classes and mod lites weekly divisions will now run 6 laps of qualifying heats instead and foregoing the group time qualifying hot laps.  The drivers have also wanted this method of line up for a while. 


The track will recognize “Rookie of the Year” for all the regular 5 weekly divisions. will continue to honor the “ Rookie of the Year” as the web has since 2003 with the 8x10 plague sponsored by John Theofiles of AutoWorld in Salisbury, MD. 


American Racer, the track’s mandatory tire, has increased their contingency program in a big way.  The American Racer Dirt Modified Cup for the Big Block Modifieds will remain in 2013.  This season American Racer is also including the Super Late Models, Crate Models and AC Delco PSC Modifieds in a special track program.  Between May 30th and August 31th a different driver in the Super Late Models will receive a free tire. During the same time period the Crate Model and AC Delco PSC Modified division will alternate weeks in which to receive tires. Names will be randomly drawn and a driver can only win once.  You can get all the details from the track.  The race office is open 9-4 PM, m-f, available by phone at 302-875-1911.  A portion of the American Racer information was contributed from Charlie Brown. 


Another big change this year is the Delmarva Chargers and the Super Trucks.  This year will start the third year the two divisions started running at Delmar.  The chargers got their start 8-9 years ago at the former Middleford Speedway.  Then super trucks class began 3 years ago.  The two groups have grown to the point that they will now run in their own each division in two separate 12 lap features different nights at the speedway.  The two divisions are the more or less one of the cheapest forms in cost of racing cars to run possibly.  


The chargers are a 4 cyl. front wheel drive with the stock motor that comes in the car right off the street.  Generally, most the cars used are Chevy Cavalier and there are 2 Dodge Neon being used.  You can buy a race ready car for $2000.  That’s with the roll cages, motor and being race ready to go on the track; except your helmet and safety equipment.  If you know what you are doing and want to tackle finishing the cars yourself it’s possible too, for around $500.  Herb Tunis is the fabricator for the cars.  The cars & trucks both have to pass inspections before running on the track and pass track rules and safety specifications.


Stacy Tubbs can build the car however race readies you want.  Tubbs says they have at least 20 cars racing in the group this year to start the year off.  Tubbs shop, B & E Tires, in Dagsboro, DE, has 5 cars ready to sell now.  You can contact Tubbs at 302-732-6091 and on Facebook/delmarvachargers find more information. 


The super trucks are 4 cyl., but they’re rear wheel drive, stock motor and mostly made up of Ford Rangers or Chevy S10’s.  The super trucks cost a bit more and are built by Greg Mitchell of Mitchell’s Auto Salvage, Laurel, DE at 302-875-7129 or 302-519-9748 and on Facebook/delmarvachargers find more information.  The cost of getting a race ready super truck runs $4000.  It’s less if you don’t want it race ready just like the chargers.


Neither of these 2 classes are a club per se membership required.  They started the racing for fun and so that drivers could race for the average Joe.  It has grown greatly since the start of the chargers.  They don’t run for profit, just fun.  The winner receives a trophy at Delmar.   Both race divisions are scheduled for 7 events each at the Delaware International Speedway in Delmar and 16 events at Georgetown Speedway, in Georgetown.


The complex schedule is jammed pack with fun events and changes for the 2013 season.  I look forward to the season and I’m ready to go.  I have learned the Miles Racing team will also have chargers in addition to the Mod Lites they run. 


Upcoming event dates in the area:  Clayton Homes across from the speedway will be hosting a car show Saturday March 16th from noon until 4 PM. All types of vehicles are welcome. To participate in the show contact Jeff at 302-846-9100. 


Grotto's 5th annual car show fundraising event will be March 23rd from 11 AM – 4 PM. The location of Grotto Pizza is on Long Neck Road, Millsboro, DE.  Any type of racing vehicle is welcome to put on display.  They hope to raise a lot of money for the local Boys-N-Girls Club.  If you are interested in bringing a car or just want information about the event please call Brenda at 302-249-9201.


The Delaware Motorsports Complex is located just one mile north of the MD / DE state line on Rt. 13( DuPont Hwy), 50 minutes South of Dover, DE and 30 minutes west from the beaches on Sussex Hwy. The race office is open 9-4 PM, m-f, available by phone at 302-875-1911.  The tracks hotline has the latest upcoming events at 302-846-3968.


Don’t forget to check out for all your local tracks news. Weekly results and photos can be seen too. Be sure to visit the largest racing message board on Delmarva at powered by web site. You’ll want to follow us on Facebook & Twitter too. See you at the track!




Pit road with the Delmarva Chargers & Super Trucks lined up. For 2013 the two divisions will run individually at Delmar there are 7 dates on the schedule.


 Super trucks run $4000 race ready

Delmarva Chargers on the track in 2012

 Kyle Tubbs # 60 with Delmarva Chargers in winners circle at Delmar.





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