Too Much Rain Cancels Test and Tune For Delmar 

The Delaware International Speedway Test and Tune scheduled for Saturday, April 12, 2003, was canceled due to the ground being to wet after a week of down pours.  Good News Though!  It has been rescheduled for this Monday night April 14, 2003.  So come out and try your car, it's time to get dirty.  See you at the track.  Regular Grandstands admission free. 
Gate Open 5:00 PM. 
Testing to begin at 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. 








My Tawny Boy      

Tawny passed away on April 08, 2002. He will be very sadly missed, he loved people and loved the attention from all. Tawny always had a smile on his face, he was overjoyed from every visit he made or had come to him.  Tawny, loved to be sang to and he would do a little jiggle.  His favorite food was Grotto's Pizza, he always enjoyed the ride to get one and forever recognized the box with one in it.  He loved to go camping and swimming.  A friend of ours would say to Tawny to use his tail (numb) as a router.  And even more, Tawny loved to have a garden.  Tawny would help get the garden ready with spreading the dirt, then nursing the plants until he could pick his own peppers, strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes.  Those were his favorite, and he really did pick them and eat them.  One year, my peppers could not get any more than the size of quarters or fifty cent pieces before he was picking them as I weeded.  He became sick suddenly, and I had no warning with kidney failure. But, he knew how much he was loved by his family and all as well. He was eleven.  I still have the other dog I purchased shortly before him.  Her name is Sable, she's blind and has loss most of her hearing.  In September, 2003 she will be thirteen.  

August 9, 2005 1:26 AM

Sable has just passed away, I purchased Sable in November 1990 and I brought Tawny in March or 1991.  One of Tawny and Sable's favorite things in the world was to go to Grotto Pizza's on their birthday or mine.  We would hop in the car and ride to Millsboro and get one, since Grotto's was not any closer.  Tawny knew the boxes, Sable just knew it was food.  On their birthdays they would receive some sorta cake or treat and ice cream sometimes.











Princess Sable Coal

August 9, 2005 12:55 AM

My older dog has just passed away, there is not another breath hardly left.  Sable  would have been 15 on Sept 10, 2005.  I knew she had really fallen in the last two weeks.  She was blind and deaf, and had lost a lot of her hair the last couple of years or less and wore a diaper.  But she knew what was going on around her and she just stayed in her own little world.  She did not seem to suffer so I let her live even though her life was not much as it once was, for fear not being able to put her down and guilty at the same time.  Sable was in her own world though and continued to eat and sleep regularly.  I did not want to punish her by putting her down even though her world was so different, so I again let her to continue in this manor.  I am somewhat relieved because she has not been the pet I loved for so many years, but yet all those years she was a beautiful, smart, pet that loved me dearly and trusted me.  Sable I called her, but she was Princess Sable Coal, born Sept 10, 1990 and produced some very nice pups the few times I bred her.  I have her daughter, Hon-E-Pup, who will be 10 years old Aug. 16, 2005.  It is still hard but I know she is better off now, and I loved her to the end as she did me I am sure.  I purchased Sable in November 1990 and I brought Tawny in March or 1991.  One of Tawny and Sable's favorite things in the world was to go to Grotto Pizza's on their birthday or mine.  We would hop in the car and ride to Millsboro and get one, since Grotto's was not any closer.  Tawny knew the boxes, Sable just knew it was food.  On their birthdays they would receive some sorta cake or treat and ice cream sometimes.  Sable had a bowl last week, so I guess she figured it was time to go now, her life was complete with that last trip down memory road. 



September 11, 2011


Today is the 10th Anniversary to a tragedy that still is etched and burned in our hearts, eyes, minds, and lives forever.  No one has forgot!!  We still feel the pain so immensely even if it has been 10 yrs.  We were violated that day and more than enough had to pay with their lives.  It was in New York, but everyone in this nation was effected and across the world forever.  It doesn't matter what state you lived in WE ALL SUFFERED that day and will forever. 

I, myself still feel a magnitude of empathy just for the fact we were violated and I use the word violated because that was how I felt that day and still today.  Just like we were rapped, killed, a hurt emotionally that we can't explain, plus the physical facts of hurt it was personal to us all.  Yet, I personally did not know anyone or families from that day in New York.  My pain still has a power over me, and all the victims, families, heroes, children, and friends of those perished persons, must have a pain even so much deeper than I can even comprehend.  I can't imagine their pain and how they're life has changed because I know how it changed me.  Its a little comfort to know that they all died heroes, but that has to be felt in order to even try to accept it.  Ten years, we still are trying to process this.  We have to find some good in it in order to accept it to a degree.  It will forever feel that way, I know!  May these minimum words give someone else some comfort for today.  And all prey that nothing like this will ever happen to us again!  I am proud, I am an American.







September 11, 2006

Though it has been five years, it still seems so fresh in our mind & hearts.  We can't even imagine the magnitude of the devastation that was caused that day.  The photos that aired had no reality of how real it was for those that watched the broadcasts.   They were so vivid, yet always photos don't don't do the justice to how bad it really was; I can't even imagine how much worst it would be to see for real. 

I still have tears in my eyes when I watch things about the attack and the heroism that the passengers of Flight 93, and all our brave public servants, along with all the people that died and were injured.  It is so hard to remember how those two buildings were destroyed or really that they were destroyed. 

I remember exactly what I was doing at the time on September 11, 2001 early on that morning.  I had Live Regis & Kelly on when the broadcast was interrupted, announcing this tragedy and actually watching the live broadcast as the second plane engulfed in the South Tower as so many others viewed.  Later the buildings crumbled, disintegrated  right before our eyes.  I shall never forget!  It is still hard to believe this would happen in America let alone disintegrate to mere ash in seconds.  That's still hard to imagine a building of that capacity crumbling right before our eyes.    

I remember my first thoughts after I grasped what had happened, and I am not sure I did.  That I was an American, and we had been attacked in a way I never have seen in my generation.  I was proud that I was too.  I went and cut the American Flag patch on one of my old uniform shirts, and put it in my car window.  I have always been proud to be an American, but that hit me like a ton, wanting to display my support more than ever. 

I don't know why I am compelled to put these thoughts in words on the fifth anniversary since the tragedy happened, but I do.  I have been watching the last two weeks movies, documentaries, of this devastation.  I still tear up and feel so much in my heart that this happened to us, even though I was not in New York at the time or anytime for that matter.  But I felt it hit me hard and it still does to this day.  I feel so much empathy for the families of all people.  I know and feel the courage that the Flight 93 must have had to do what they did to save an attack on a building in Washington, DC.  I know my feelings are heart felt, and I know that families suffered more than me.  Yet, I don't know if I had been there to witness any of these attacks, I'm not sure if I would have been able to deal with it.  Probably would, but I am still so touched by all our heroes and survivors from that day five years ago today.