The Racing Always Ends Way To Soon


September 27, 2012

By Bonnie Nibblett


Delmar, DE…..How fast time goes by?  The season seems to end faster every year.  This year has been a let down only that Mother Nature has ruled almost every weekend if we would race or not that weekend.  I don’t remember so many rain outs in such close time of one another.  The hottest time in the summer and we weren’t racing on the clay.  After June, in July we only had 1 race, August had 2 and we should get 3 in for September with this weekend counted in.  Keep you fingers crossed.


No matter what, with this Saturday, Sept. 29, and next Saturday, Oct. 6 is all that stands before the big 2 day Delaware State Dirt Track Championship Show (DSDTC).  The champ show will be held, Friday & Saturday, Oct. 19-20 nights.  More on the event later, first just a bit of other dirt on ending the year. 


This Saturday will be the last points’ race for the number of race teams that race every week on the ½ mile oval.  As the way the points sit now will pretty much finish where that driver sits in points as of now.  However, there is a few that are running close.  NAPA Big Block Modified has a battle going on with current leader Jamie Mills & H J Bunting in 2nd with 35 pts spread between them.  Those two drivers sure keep the chase between them an interesting watch while on the track.  Each of them has 7 wins a piece too.  I don’t calculate any of the points myself; I leave it to the officials.  So what are the problematic between those two, I have no clue.


The Crate Model has a close battle with current leader Matt Hill and 2011 Defending Champion Joe Warren with just 65 pts between them.   Donald Lingo, Jr. leads in super late models over Mark Byram with 150 pts between them.  Jordan Watson pretty much has the A C Delco Modified wrapped up as well as Jimmy Wills in the Mod Lite class. 


The Rookie of the Years’ is pretty well set up too.  Matt Hawkins is the only big block driver this season, Kerry King, Jr. in late model, Ty Short in AC Delco mod, Billy Thompson in crate model, and Josh Weller in mod lites this year.  I’ll have more on all the rookies soon. 


Speaking of Rookie of the Year how did last years do this year?

- Youngest Rookie of the Year in Crate Divisions - Trent Willey # 17T is still racing in AC Delco division has 1 win and is 3rd in overall track points.

- Modified Lite - Jake Nelson # 21X is 14th in track points.

- Modified - Eric Korman # 16S went back to race at Bridgeport Speedway since they were running big block mods this year.

- AC Delco TSS Modified - Tyler Reed # 72 blew an engine early in season not been back.

- Crate Model - Cody Dawson # 36 ran at New Egypt Speedway this year. 


But some of the other last year rookies have been hanging in there both Kyle Fuller and Shawn Ward have not been as happy as they would like but considering both lost engines plus the competition overall running 11th & 13th is not bad in big block.  Stacy Roberts moved to late model and has struggled but consistent to be 14th but has not been able to compete with her car getting wrecked and mechanical woes lately.  Derek Magee 6th, Reese Masiello 8th, and Kellie Lewis are 18th in points in crate model action.  A few moved to other classes again this year as well. 


Well the Delaware State Dirt Track Championship Show (DSDTC) will be the last big event on the clay.  The champ show will be held, Friday & Saturday, Oct. 19-20 nights.  A rain date of Sunday, Oct. 21, or Nov. 3-4 if necessary has been set.  Who can repeat last years win?  Jamie Mills, Ricky Elliott, Jordan Watson, Jimmy Wills, Steven Baker, Billy Pauch… 


There will be a payout of $60,000 in cash that weekend with gamblers fee, sponsors per lap pay outs and all.  All five weekly divisions run, the two vintage classes, the Delmarva Charges and Slide-4-five.  One day general admission is $25 each day, pits $35.  A 2 day gen. adm. is $40, with pits 2 day pass $60.  Reserved seating on gen. adm. is available with the giant jumbotron screen with a bird’s eye view of all the track action on the screen and replays. 


All the qualifying for all divisions will be on Friday night and the Small Block Modified 50 lap feature plus the final point’s race feature for the Little Lincoln Vintage cars will run.  The Little Lincolns & Vintage classes each run their own individual point’s battle, not the track. 


On Saturday night, consolations are held and then all of the remaining features run.  On Friday, Oct 19, gates open at 3 PM, hot laps 6 PM & Sat. gate opens at 4 PM, warm ups 5:30 PM. 


The DSDTC information can be found on the tracks web site at, office hours are m-f, 9-4 PM, and phone is 302-875-1911.  Or friend us on and tweet us at  Race track hot line is 302-846-3968.  It’s one event not to miss.


The US 13 Dragway has a few dates left to run on Sundays. Check the tracks web & hot line for upcoming events at and the track hot line is 302-846-3968.


The Delaware Motorsports Complex is located just one mile north of the MD / DE state line on Rt. 13( DuPont Hwy), 50 minutes South of Dover, DE and 30 minutes west from the beaches on Sussex Hwy. The race office is open 9-4 PM, m-f, available by phone at 302-875-1911. The tracks hotline has the latest upcoming events at 302-846-3968.


Don’t forget for the first time this winter the complex will be the home of Decorating Delmarva “Holiday Festival of Lights”. It’s the first year of the annual event and things appear to be right on schedule. This event will start Nov. 15 – Jan. 5. The local schools and local businesses are coming together with villages on the  North Pole Tour on the Santa Expressway, to visit Schoolville, Rudolph’s Diner, Santa’s Village, Dancer’s Hotel, Vixon’s Auto Sales, plus many, many more to see.


Local schools will have different options such as High School Holiday Display, or Middle School Tree Decorating Contest, Non-Profit Groups and Volunteer Fire Companies and more where you can vote for your favorite.  See how funds can be raised for your organization.  


Nightly activities will run Thurs-Sunday from 6-10 PM week days, 6-11 PM weekends.  Roast marshmallows, listen to music or sing carols, visit the souvenir shop, or get your family portrait taken...  Tickets will be $15 car load (up to 8), larger vehicle (9-15) $45, mini buses & tour buses prices available and welcomed.  There will be so much more; you really need to check out the web for more information or questions. Visit


Don’t forget to check out for all your local tracks news. Weekly results and photos can be seen too. Be sure to visit the largest racing message board on Delmarva powered by Note the link to the message board has changed to You’ll want to follow us on Facebook & Twitter too. See you at the track!

DE8-4-12PitShotsIMG_2769 - Josh Weller # 1* is the Mod Lite Rookie of the Year
DE8-4-12PitShotsIMG_3090-c - NAPA Big Block mod heat action






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