Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Rules 
2006, 2007, 2008


1. Any 1949 to 1964 American made full size sedan is eligible. No compact or intermediate cars allowed. No pickups, station wagons, 4 wheel drives, front wheel drive or Jeep type vehicles.

2. Driver protection bars are mandatory. They must remain within the driver's area. Must have 3 bars on driver side. Two bars on passenger side. Rearward bars may pass thru rear firewall. All tubing must be a min. of .095 thick wall and 1 1/2" outside diam. Roll bars must be welded to frame. All welds must be continuous welds. All additional bracing subject to inspection. No screw type fittings or pipe threads allowed. Front hoops are optional, front hoop must run parallel with frame at least 8" above frame and have no more than 4 upright supports. Additional hoop in front of radiator is optional.

3. Door panels can be cut out only for roll cage clearance. 

4. Rear quarter inside panels and front kick panels cannot be cut out.

5. Dash may be removed.

6. Inside hood & trunk lid panels may be removed.

7. All side window openings must remain open.

8. Outside rub rails permitted. One per side, no larger than 2" O.D., no more than 1" from sheet metal. Must be painted the same color as car. No jagged, rough or sharp edges permitted.

9. Steering Wheel - Stock or racing type steering wheel is permitted. Quick release, or pop-off steering wheel is allowed. Steering ratio may be changed, minimum #50 chain or steering quickener may be used. NO CENTER STEERING.

10. No hood scoops or spoilers.

11. No air dams or side skirts allowed.

12. Minimum Stock wheelbase allowed - 115"

13. The driver's seat must be an aluminum racing seat and must be securely fastened.  

14. Windshield must be replaced by metal wire, max. 1" x 2", backed by three, 3/8" steel supports on drivers side. All other glass must be removed.
15. Ail cast metal or plastic grills must be removed and may be replaced by wire screen or sheet metal.

16. Ail doors must be bolted or welded shut.

17. A 5 point quick release seat belt, shoulder harness is required. No stock belts or harness.

18. Rear seats must be removed. Front & rear firewalls must remain in original location and all holes must be covered with metal.

19. Stock bumpers only, for 1949-1964 model years only. All bumper ends must be welded to bumpers. Moderate reinforcing behind bumpers is allowed. No metal welded or bolted to outside of bumpers. Stock bumper braces must be welded to bumper and frame to prevent losing on speedway.

20. Complete bumper to bumper steel body must be retained. No cutting or lightening permitted. Wheel openings may be cut out for tire clearance only. No sharp edges.

21. Front and rear chains are required for tow trucks.

22. Cars must be strictly stock. NO sectioning, channeling, shortening or chopping allowed. Stock steel, unaltered floor pan and trunk floor. Rusted out areas may be replaced by flat sheet metal. Rear wheel wells must be retained. Front wheel wells must be cut out.

23. No hole in hood over top of engine compartment.

24. Hood and all body sheet metal must be on car at start of feature.

25. May use stock exhaust manifolds or headers.

26. Ail chrome, hub caps, headlights, glass, taillights and mirrors must be removed.

27. Ail cars must have good paint job with numbers at least 18" high on both doors and top. No duplicate numbers. 1%11 numbers must be the same size and painted a bright color opposite of car color. Top numbers must face the passenger side. Primer coated cars will be allowed to enter ONLY 2 events maximum. In addition, the track is requiring a 6" high number on trunk. Must use same # throughout entire season, unless car change's ownership. You can borrow another car & put your # on it for that night. You must contact a race director for availability of preferred #.

28. Battery may be located inside car. If inside car, must be in approved container with top securely fastened.

29. No rear view mirrors allowed.

30. Only track informational radio (receiver) permitted in car. This is mandatory to compete in a race. No other type radio/transmitter/receiver permitted.

Transmission & Rear

1. Only Stock OEM Auto. Or stock OEM Manual trans is allowed. Automatic must use the stock torque converter. No Hand valves allowed. No removing or altering of any gears in transmission is allowed.

2. Auto. coolers are not permitted in car.

3. Standard trans, must use OEM steel manual flywheel with OEM type clutch and pressure plate. No auto flywheels allowed with Quarter Master type clutches. No, Vega or Corvette flywheels allowed.

4. Must have a drive shaft strap located 12" to 18" from trans.

5. Drive shaft must be painted white. No aluminum or composite drive shafts. Steel drive shaft only.

6. Stock automotive rear.

7. Rears must be locked. Ford 9" rear recommended. Any pot type automotive rear is acceptable with bearings pressed on axle shaft. Both bearing retainers must be spot welded in 4 spots to keep bearing from pulling off axle. No C-clip rear.

8. No 3/4 ton or quick change rear.


1. GM          350 C.I.D. +.060 max.
    FORD        352 C.I.D. +.060 max.

    CHRYSLER    360 C.I.D. +.060 max.

2. Stock cast iron block and intake manifold only and all parts must be as cast or manufactured by the automobile manufacturer. No adding or removing of metal or material. No grinding machining or using big block valve springs or valves in small block heads. No porting or polishing allowed. May deck block and heads. May balance engine assembly.

3. Hydraulic or solid lifter cams. No roller cams.

4. Heavy-duty valve springs allowed. Must be stock diameter, no grinding allowed. 125 LB max. seat pressure.

5. No aluminum intake manifolds allowed. No 4 bbl. Intakes with 2 bbl. Adapters allowed. Must use stock OEM 2 barrel cast iron intake·

6. Stock OEM type cast iron heads. No GM angle plug heads or after-market high performance heads permitted. The only accepted replacement head are as follows: GM Vortec casting #906 or casting #062 will be allowed. World products S/R Torquer heads are permitted. World Products GM part #4266/casting #SR-1052, Ford part #5303/casting #1056. No angle milling of heads.

7. Stock rocker arms. Poly locks and long slot rockers are allowed. No roller or roller tip rocker arms.

8. Dish or flat top pistons only. No pop-ups. No lightweight racing pistons allowed. May use OEM cast pistons or any cast stock replacement piston. Ail pistons must use 5/64" compression rings and 3/16" oil rings. No short side skirt pistons. These Forged and hypereutectic pistons are acceptable:

Chevrolet: TRW L2256F TRW L2417F Keith Black Silvolite KB120 Keith Black Silvolite KB228

Ford: TRW L2446F Keith Black KB151

Chrysler: TRW L2405F Keith Black KB107

Buick: TRW L2343F Oldsmobile: TRW L2320F

Pontiac: TRW L2339F

If in doubt about a certain piston, other than these listed above, call Oscar Fields @ (302) 337-7008.

9. Stock bore +.060 for wear.

10. Stock stroke/stock connecting rods. Or stock appearing connecting rods, if in doubt call Oscar.

11. Stock or racing type oil pan.

12. Any type valve covers. Extra breathers legal.               

13. NO aluminum heads.

14. Stock single point distributor or stock electronic distributor allowed. OEM replacement parts, NO HIGH PERFORMANCE PARTS, NO MSD, etc.

15. High performance or stock coils allowed.

16. Any make engine is acceptable in any make car.  Engine must conform to applicable engine rules.

17. Stock power steering pumps only.

18. Air cleaners must remain under hood.

19. NO fluid dampers allowed.

20. Any belt driven water pump allowed.  Aluminum radiator is allowed.

21.  Aluminum pulleys are allowed.

22.  Any stock crank shaft, cast or steel, as manufactured by the automobile manufacturer or as a direct replacement for such a crankshaft manufactured by SCAT may be used. The SCAT replacement crank shaft MUST be the stock replacement. NO lighten, knife edged, etc. Call Oscar BEFORE ordering or installing this crank shaft!


1. One stock OEM 2 barrel or Holley 500 2 barrel carb. allowed. Carb. may be reworked but the complete exterior body of carb. must retain stock appearance. Air horn will remain but the choke butterfly, shaft and linkage may be removed. #4412 will be visible on Holley air horn.

2. Two carburetor return springs required.

3. Must use mechanical throttle linkage with toe strap on pedal.

4. Fuel additives (nitrous, propolyene oxide, etc.) not allowed. “Pump” Gasoline or racing gasoline only.

5. A racing fuel cell in a steel container is mandatory, securely bolted in the forward most position in the trunk with 2 steel straps in each direction. All fuel tanks must be located in trunk. If trunk floor is rusted away, must be replaced by original thickness steel plate under tank in the same location floor had been originally.

6. Gas lines will run under the floor or in steel tubing when running thru driver's compartment. Maximum diameter of fuel line 3/8" .           

7. Only one carb. adapter allowed. No spacers allowed.

8. Stock, OEM type fuel pump only. NO electric/high performance fuel pumps allowed.

9. No plastic or glass fuel filters are allowed.

10. Max 3/8" metal fuel filters only. Maximum 3/8" fuel line.


1. Stock front suspension for Model and Make Of car or Camaro or Nova front sub frame can be used to replace the front engine cradle and suspension. Original rear frame must be kept in its original location from where it has been tied to front sub frame. Original frame cannot be cut off any further back than middle way of front door. Frame must be securely welded together and reinforced. All cars must retain stock wheel base.

2. No modifying/relocating of suspension points allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for the make and model of car. No screw in spacers, lumber, chains, etc. may be used to alter stock suspension.

4. Spring shackles must be stock and nonadjustable. No slider on rear leaf springs. Lowering blocks allowed.

5. No air shocks. No coil over racing shocks. Passenger car helper spring shocks allowed.

6. Racing shocks allowed. Must be in stock location. One shock per wheel only.

7. Stock sway bars only.

8. No torque arms allowed.

9. Adjustable Coil spring spacer allowed on top side of front coil springs, with no external adjustments.  No jacking bolts allowed.


1. Must have steel spoke wagon wheels or approved reinforced wheels. Max. 8" wide No aluminum or mag wheels. No bead locks allowed.     '

2. The only acceptable tires are a stock passenger car tire or racing tire with the size limited to series 60, Bias ply only. No radial tires allowed. No heavy ply truck tires allowed.

3. Tubes in all tires highly recommended.

4. Recaps allowed. No snow or mud tires.

5. Regrooving is allowed.

6. Must use 5 oversize lug nuts per wheel.

7. Must use 1/2" min. Diam, Wheel studs. Disc Brakes highly recommended on both front wheels for safety. Option: Rear wheel disc brakes using stock parts.

8. No wheel adapters allowed. No wide 5 or 3/4 ton wheels allowed.


1. Drivers fire suit mandatory, complete with gloves.

2. Window net or arm restraint mandatory.

3. Headrest mandatory.

4. Working fire extinguisher with gauge mandatory. Must be mounted securely within drivers reach.

5. Eye protection mandatory.

6. Approved safety helmet required. Min. Snell 90 approved.

7. Neck brace, anti sub belt and fire resistant socks highly recommended.

8. Area around ignition switch must be painted a "day glow" color.

9. Must have 4 wheel working brakes. No brake adjusting valves.
** Additional safety measures and equipment may be required by individual Speedways.


1. Engines must be inspected and sealed, before you race. One seal on oil pan and one seal on each cylinder head. No car will race without engine being completely sealed. A temporary seal can be placed on intake at track for one race only. Engine must be completely teched and sealed by next race or you don't run. This temporary seal can only be used when race dates are close
Together and there isn't enough time to get it teched. Oscar Fields will inspect and seal all engines, (3 seals). Engine must be taken to Oscar's shop in Bridgeville for inspection. Call for appointment @ (302) 337-7008. Oscar will inspect all cars at the race track.

2. Ail scoring to be dealt with on a car # basis, not driver basis.

3. There is no restriction on driver participation in other classes, or forms of racing.

4. Minimum weight is 3400 lbs. with driver after the race NO EXCEPTIONS. The top 5 cars finishing the feature must cross the scales immediately after the feature. Any car not making the minimum weight requirement will be scored to the rear of the cars finishing on the lead lap. All ballast weights must be securely fastened. All ballast weights must have car # imprinted on them.


1. We draw for positions for all races. All cars are scored for points.

2. Opening night: Everyone draws for position and starts where they draw, unless they have never driven before. Then they start to the rear of the field for their first night.

3. After opening night: their first night out.  All new cars must start at the rear.

4. All cars not entered in previous race must start behind the previous race winner. The previous race winner starts in the rear of the previous race field of cars.

5. All drawings will be at 7:15pm unless otherwise noted, A member of each team will draw for position. If no member of a team is present to draw that car will start at the rear (last unless more than one team is not there then lower number car to higher number car).

6. Five dollars ($5.00) per car per race will be collected to defray the costs for trophies and banquet at the end of the year.

7. All races at Delaware International Speedway are scored for points. Results are taken from the payoff sheet at pit shack after each*race. If your name is on the sheet and you get paid, you are scored for points, regardless if you started the feature or not.

8. The point structure is as follows:

1st  Place     100          
2nd Place       98          
3rd  Place       96          
4th Place       94         
5th Place       92          
6th Place       90         
7th Place       88       
8th Place       86
9th Place       84
10th Place     82
11th Place     80
12th Place     78
13th Place     76
14th Place     74 
15th Place     72
16th Place     70
17th Place     68
18th Place     66
19th Place     64
20th Place     62
21st  Place    60


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.

The race director’s shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptance requirements. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


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