Little Lincoln Celebrates The Seasons Champions For 2006

Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Racing Club Jan 6, 2006 crowning the champions.  (L - R) Ron Wilson,  Bill Brittingham, Jamie Wagner, Mel Joseph, Jr., Pat McNeal, Kenny Foy, Tim Chambers, Jim Miller, III, Matt Tipton, Tony Daisey, Donald Robinson, Jr., Joe Webb, Mike Karr, Duke Walsen, Bobby Williamson

Story & Photos

By Bonnie Nibblett


Viola, DE, January 14, 2007…..The Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car racers battled all the way to the last race of the season at DIS (Delaware International Speedway) back on Nov 4, 2006.   Rookie Matt Johnson (69) claimed his first career win on the last lap off turn 4. Mike Karr (17K) started on the pole, as the cars approached turn one, few cars got bottled up where Bill Brittingham (4), and Tim Chambers (22) shoot down in turn 2 and grab the 1 – 2 spots.  A couple other yellows plague the feature, but the racing was awesome. 

 Ron Wilson started 4th got shuffled with Tim Chambers, Pat McNeal, and Kenny Foy in one of the cautions; Wilson held his position to finish 4th.    Brittingham was strong and lead with Johnson coming in second the latter laps.  The last lap Brittingham leads in turn 3 and gets just high enough for Johnson to squeeze the nose in on turn 4 and take the win at the flag stand.  The top five were Johnson, Brittingham, Donald Robinson, Jr., Ron Wilson, and Pat McNeal. 

The Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Club awarded the clubs 2006 Champions last Saturday night.  This year’s top winner champ was Ron Wilson (15).  Wilson stated, “Well, I don’t deserve this because it was my team that did all my work on the car.  I never touched it; I wanted to spend time with my girls.  But, they wanted me to run, so all the credit goes to them.  I can’t say enough about them.”  Wilson had taken off 2005 from racing, but returned this season blazing.   

The top three drivers in points remained in a close battle to the end with just a few digits apart from one another.  Second place went to the 2005 Little Lincoln Champion Bill Brittingham (4).  Only 12 points separated the two players.  Jamie Wagner (3) 2005 Rookie of the Year finished third this year, with only 36 points between him and the top two.  Fourth went to Mel Joseph, Jr. (30), and fifth was Pat McNeal (00). 

Fifth on back include, Donald Robinson, Jr. (64), Jim Miller III (57), Matt Tipton (7X), Tim Chambers (22), Kenny Foy (47), Wayne Wilkerson (43), Matt Johnson (69), Tony Daisey (7), Albert Mitchell (10), Duke Walsen (9), Jeff Karr (7K), Joe Webb (2), Mark Cashdan (38), Ken Buchman (former 38), Mike Karr (17K), Bobby Williamson (41), John Scott (Rt9), Archie Tucker (07), and Matt Esham (92). 

The night began with an appreciation & mention to Charlene Banks from Georgetown Speedway, Jim Miller, of Jim's Racing Tires, Bonnie Nibblett from, and Oscar Fields who is the tech man for the club.  MC Duke Walsen presented an envelope to Fields as Fields won’t take any pay for all the help and teching he does for the guys. 

The Rookie of the Year for the 2006 went to Kenny Foy, of Foy’s Well Drilling in the number 47.  Two other rookies in the club this year had Matt Johnson (69) picking up his first win ever in the final Little Lincoln race held at the Delaware Dirt Track Championship at DIS.  Joe Webb (2) raced his first year in the 2006 season but did start at the beginning of the year but still finished seventeenth. 

The club is working on the schedule for this 2007 season, both Delaware International and Georgetown Speedways will have the Little Lincoln’s racing at least once a month at both tracks; so that’s twice a month. 

If you have not seen the Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car race, make a note to pencil it in to see them race.  Those guys always put on a great feature. 

The Little Lincoln has a set of rules on,   (Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car Rules) and will soon have a new web unveiling with more information about the racers.  Also the message board for the Little Lincoln Vintage Stock Car racers is available for info.  That link is   Also, the Little Lincoln Photo Gallery is viewable at  See you at the track! 


Little Lincoln action at Delaware International Speedway in 2006.  # 69 Rookie Matt Johnson, and Jim Miller III # 57