Turning Your Mustang into a True Racer

American cars and speed should be two terms that go hand-in-hand, but sometimes they donít meet quite at the center.  If youíre looking to beef up your Mustang so that it can really compete on the road or track, and its current components just donít cut it from being old or outdated, there are several enhancements that can really help.  Below, weíll go over three different types of vehicular improvements you can introduce to a Ford Mustang in order to really get it kicking on the road and off it.

Performance Chips

These are really becoming popular, and there are plenty of reasons why.  Foremost, theyíre extraordinarily easy to install compared to most other major performance add-ons, as they can often be put on in under a half an hour using only simple tools.  They can also increase horsepower up to 60HP, and can be highly efficient little buggers, clocking in with about 4-7mpg in gas savings.  For those who just need a minor Mustang performance boost, a Mustang performance chip is the ticket.

Performance Parts

When chip enhancements just donít pack enough extra power, other add-ons can certainly make up for the difference.  Mustang turbochargers are probably the most powerful and effective power boosters, as they can add up to 400HP onto a vehicle that really needs a kick in its rear end.  Superchargers, nitrous kits, and other upgrades can also make a Mustang competitive enough to stay ahead of the pack.  After all, true racers donít want to languish in second just as much as they donít want to settle for second-to-last.

Body Upgrades

Improving the aerodynamics of a vehicle can help increase speed, so a proper front spoiler or air dam can help do the trick.  Heavy hoods can also be unnecessary burdens on Mustangs, particularly older models, so lightweight fiberglass or carbon fiber Mustang hoods can help cut down on the vehicleís overall weight.  Lighter body panels and a sleeker overall design can work together to make a real difference in your Mustangís on-road performance, so all-together, they should make a serious impact.






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