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January 11, 2011

A lot of the 2009 & 2010 pages were lost when I had to reupload to the host.  They are there but may not work or the page is just letters? 

I don't think it has been this long since I posted on here?



May 20, 2008  5:17 PM

I'm still having trouble with my computer, I am going to have to take it back to the shop.  I have no sound and it still hangs up & takes to long to get much work done.  I just hate to be without it.


May 13, 2008  12:48 AM

Well, yesterday, Sunday, May 12, 2008 it seemed my computer was finally running almost normal! I got some 30 some press releases, thinking I would be right back on Monday.

With the rain and storms my area was one of the places without power most of Mon. It went off around 11 AM, I was bored to death with nothing to do with no water or electric.  I managed to stick it out until around 3 PM. Then I want to my Mom's. I am not exactly sure when the power was back up, but I didn't get back until 8 PM or so.

Yet, I had power! But no phone or Internet service. So the tech had me check some things and it appears to be in use, like the phone off the hook, but it was not off the hook.  Well, it wasn't that so the cable company will come tomorrow.  The tech had me reset the modem and it did not work.  So I gave up.  Then, I decided to reset it one more time, and this time it worked! Its Tues. 12:40 AM?

I am so tired of all this electrical problems!!!!  2 weeks has been enough, now Mon? 


May 10, 2008 7:29 PM

I've been on here everyday trying to do updates.  Unfortunately it seems I an not getting far, one post takes 5-10 minutes between each task, Paste, change format, save, enter bookmark, yada yada.  I think I may hae get it straight just a few minutes.  Its race time at Darlington, no races at Delmar?  So I am headed to watch the race.  I hope to be able to get back to work tomorrow & Monday.  I can't even tell you how many press releases to post, last 2 weeks worth. 

It looks as though my printer fried too!  Man, this has been horrible for me and you that depend on the news being here.  Thank you!


May 7, 2008  1:10 PM

Well, I had forgot to change this link to this page so no one could see what I had put on here?  So that sucked.  This has been a nightmare with the lightening causing my computer to be repaired.  It cost $about $250 to fix, but it is not quite right.  I can't install my printer, because the puter does not recognize the USB cable from & to the two components.   Yesterday, I tried for several times and rechecked everything and it just would not find the signal.  Finally I called the shop back and I have to disconnect the computer and take it back!!  I am so far behind in my work as it is, so this has really made me aggravated today.  I'm trying to do the best I can, and it is hard when you can't do your work.  I spends a lot of time doing this stuff, and it just makes me in a pissy mood because I had to wait almost 2 weeks to get it fixed.  Then, reinstall my software, and programs, which I haven't done it all yet.  I was trying to get most of the DE or MD, DE, VA stuff up first.  So the nightmare continues and I'm sorry for the delays.  Its just heart breaking for me, I almost feel like throwing in the towel, but I won't?


May 4, 2008  2:23 AM

I finally got my computer back at 4:45 PM, Friday, May 2, 2008.  For those of you that did not know my house was hit by lightening Monday, April 21, 2008.  That is why the web is behind and not current.  I have to reprogram or customize it back as it was before the nightmare of the lightening storm.  So bear with me to get caught up!


April 19, 2008  1:57 PM

For any of the US 13 Kart Club with the late night last night, I had to finish the article for the Laurel Star.  So it was 5:30 when I went to bed.  So needless to say that is why the results were not up first thing.  I had to get some slept in order to function tonight.


April 6, 2008 11:24 AM

Well been busy still.   I am behind and don't always post everyday. 

The first state (DDDS) race was yesterday for the US 13 Kart Club.  There are 3 dates for the US 13 Kart Club Track state races and 3 for DMP.    Its always a long day because I am there all day and then return to Delmar (DIS) for the Saturday night events.  Previously, the Saturday state races opened the gates at 7 AM, which gave me time to get off, run home change my shoes and take my babies or Hon-E-Pup home.  This year the state races open gats at 12 PM, which means I will have to be there longer that I used to be causing me to be late for the 1/2 mile speedway.  This is a conflict for me as you know because the big track is my first love.  So I am trying to work it out somehow?  Either way it is a long day with results to type for both tracks on Sunday's.  So this is my warning to let you know that those days the web will be a little late getting things up.  So just letting you know; I take pride in taking care of my web and always try to have it updated quickly.  If I am late getting things up  it is due to this and or when I have a bad day and sick.  So please bear with me, and THANK YOU for everyone's support!

I hope to get my store on the web soon for some Redbud Gear.  I currently have hats, and skirts.  Hats are $20 % $25 with flames.  The shirts are $10 & $12.  There are 3 styles, logo on front, small logo left side of shirt and both nothing on the back.  The other is small logo left side, then on the back NEED FOR SPEED, with big logo, and the message board/chat with my sponsors that power the board.  Currently it is Bi-Rite Auto World, Hab-Nab Trucking both of Seaford DE, and newly joining in the action is A1 Graphic & Lettering of Georgetown, DE.   Welcome A1 Graphic & Lettering


March 7, 2008 2:00 PM

I got behind getting things up yesterday because I had a Dr's appointment and errands to run.  So forgive me for not getting this up yesterday.  Todd with SJDR was kind enough to send some HT pics from last week. 

I would like to Thanks Scott's Chem Dry for paying the balance for the Georgetown Speedway Rookie of the Year plagues.  I had called Crown Trophy to let them know I hope to have the money, but they said it had been paid just in the last month.  So I was very relieved the bill had been paid.  I still haven't gotten up with them yet (since November) and I hope everything is okay.  But Thank you!


February 4, 2007 5:22 PM

Looks like it has been a while since Redbud logged on this.  I guess it should be called my Blog, since that is what they pretty much are.  April will kick off the 5th year of  I'm very proud on how far the web has come and recognized as a official media source.  It is a lot of work, but I like it too.  As soon as my sponsors renew their ad I hope to get some Redebud69racing shirts.  I had a few at the end of the year, and I have hats also that everyone see to like.  I hope to get a store set up on the site.  Should someone want to have their own shirt or item embroidered with it is only $15 to have done just let me know.  I should have my decals done by this year, I hope (Richard)

If anyone is getting team shirts and wants to use  logo on their shirts that would be great to do, just get up with me, leave message, or email.

I am looking for info on any of the drivers or teams that would like a mention in an article I will sending out about the 2008 Season.  It's free, unless you want an individual story  on your team or car, plans, etc.  I'm sure a small fee would be very reasonable.  Send in your preview pics, congrats to Garrie Bostwick for be the first driver to send in. 

Also Redbud69 Web Design is available to customize your own web.  Prices start at $375 for a complete year, to include set up and maintained the first year. 

I hate to do this but I find it strange to have no response from someone that had elected to be a sponsor for the Rookie of the Year award to Georgetown Speedway.  IT WAS TO BE SPONSORED BY SCOTT'S CHEM DRY SEAFORD, DE but the bill was not paid causing someone to get credit for something  that was not done not to mention, left with a bill that I can't pay at this time.  Very upsetting to back out of your word on something as this where you should  be proud to sponsor on an award especially getting the free press.  I thought maybe something had happened to them , but I never can get a response by phone, by email or in person.  I just find that strange and since no reply has been made since the November show at Delmar?  So sorry, but shame on you! 




September 6, 2007  7:00 PM

Wow! Been a while since I've posted on here.  Just busy.  I was out of town since Tues. evening so that's why everything is a little late.


December 10, 2006 3:37 PM

Happy Holidays To All!  Don't forget to visit my Xmas Town Tour to send pages to Santa, or track Santa, and view all the town animation. 

Aug 30, 2006 6:28 PM

Hi Dale, haven't seen you in a long while.  I wrote a big message on here maybe 3 weeks or so ago or longer.  Anyway, when it was really hot, because I kept blowing a circuit breaker when my AC needed Freon.  The power on my computer would go off, and I had not saved what I was writing.  Which I know, all to well, it is never to early to save as you go.  The are are too many factors that can happen and loose all you posted.  Anyway, I never came back and put it up and nor do I remember what I put.  I just don't get time to post all the time.

I came here today to congratulate everyone for being so supportive of the web and hope we continue to grow.  I really want to have some items you can buy one day.  Shirts, hats, etc.  BUT, I am letting you  guys know that the web has become popular enough that we have exceeded my bandwidth usage and I have had to make a change in my plan in order to avoid additional fees for being over the bandwidth.  So any monetary support would be greatly appreciated.  It run at least $100 to run a month.  I try to use the advertising money to save and also buy supplies for the web or tools. 

I remember Todd at SJDR telling me last year or so that his web grew after the 3rd year and bandwidth usage went up.  This April started my 4th year of  So I am proud to say, that we have done that and gone over the bandwidth allotted and I had to upgrade to keep from being charged a lot of extra money for each # over the allowed amount.  So thank you, I say, to all of you for the support.  It is very time consuming and a lot of work.  Todd says "It is all a part of being popular."

With Georgetown opening it has added a little bit of extra work.  Hey, I am NOT complaining, I am so very glad it is open.  I sure never thought it would reopen when I started this web.  I have added something new each year to the web.  Delmar track first, the all the main Delaware tracks news, and surrounding tracks and series (sent because the web is popular.  I did not request most of those, but I run them), and some further surrounding tracks and series, and this year the Redbud's Classics.

This summer I have had a bit of trouble keeping up in July & August with all the other tracks and series coming in to post.  So the last two months I have mostly worried about getting the Delaware News first.  This seems to be growing each week too.  I am so busy I don't get to write as much with all I do.  I am thinking  it over I might have to stop carrying so much?  I wanted to know your intake. 

I wanted to put this out on the table and see how some of you feel or any suggestions to consider.  Thanks email or post on the board.

One more thing, if any of you get shirts made would you consider putting my logo on the shirts would be greatly appreciated as well.



July 9, 2006  7:10 PM

I meant to put a message on here last month about having the kart tracks State races once a month.  Now Georgetown has opened and I am glad, but its a little more work but worth it to me and I hope you too.  So, I am letting you know those weekends It is like a 3 shifts of work.  Friday night GT, Up at 5:15 AM, work kart track all day, then to DIS for the night action.  It really wears me out, little sleep.  

My main objective is to post all my DE stuff first before I post any other press releases and images.  This will cause me to be delayed in keeping up to date pretty much.  So please bear with me, I feel it is important to do the DE stuff first after all that is what the web is all about.  A place to get all the Delaware's Track News. 

Today, I started 12:30 PM and it is after 7 PM so I am taking a break now where many times I don't.  I went right to bed last night, sleep finally, and actually feel pretty good, which is the real good news.  Most the time I am very exhausted & in a lot of pain; today the pain has been bearable compared to other days when I have the weekend work like that.   

Okay, I took a long break and it is 11 PM.  I hope to work a couple of hours and sleep and back here all day tomorrow. 

May 15, 2006 3:22 PM

Well, I'm sorry for the delay in the results from this weekend.  I over did it Sat. I guess and so ill Sunday I could not work.  That is what I hate about being disabled or the Fibro, no matter what I do it hurts so bad and sometimes or a lot of times it gets the best of me almost paralyzing my movement for hours or days.  Or not being able to move with very easily.  

I want to thank John at AutoWorld for agreeing to continue sponsoring the Rookie Of The Year plagues.  That means a lot to me to give you guys something for all your efforts each week.  If anyone wants to donate any frames for the other rookies certificates it would be great?  The certificates are standard paper size 8.5" X 11.5". 

Also, anyone wanting to put a ad on the web or a specific page rates or very reasonable.  I am also looking for 2 or 3 large sponsors that would like to advertise with a year rate and a top/bottom of the web page. 

I am slowly getting my decals made it seems.  I finally have a logo courtesy of Bobby at BC Designs


April 29, 2006 2:42 PM

I finally got my logo made this season and still working on getting decals made.  I would like to have shirts one day and hats maybe.  I thought putting drivers teams on the back instead of just sponsors.  Example, Ellis Motorsports, Will Brown Racing, etc.  The teams or drivers that would like to be on the back of the shirts will contribute to have you team on the shirt.  Shirts are a lot more expensive than I thought.  So I am still placing ads on the web or trade things for service, and save the money to get shirts and all.  I thought the drivers or teams might be different to have on the back of a shirt either car or words and cooler with more than one team on it.  The front has the logo.    I still am not sure exactly what I want but something along those lines.   


December 1, 2005 2:12 AM

I know Dale, it has been a while again.  Well, now that the season has slowed now I have had some unwinding time.  Well, I thought some what I was; on Nov. 15 near 9 PM I restarted my computer as it seem frozen, and had been fine earlier that day.  Either way it did not restart my windows and all errors were checked to see what the problem was and it is just  little over a year old.  After all other options were made I took it to Brainwave.  The windows shut down for some reason and there was no virus or drive, drivers, and so on.  But what a pain it was and I am grateful it did not happen to us during the main of the season.  So I am still playing catch up but getting it up. 

For some of you in case you have not noticed there is a new message board now (which seem to vanish the same time my computer shut down) the address is  Redbud69Racing Forum the old board is still up but it will end at some point. 

Also,  a big thank you to John at AutoWorld for sponsoring the Rookie Awards for each class.  Just a reminder they were :

Congratulations to them and the DIS Champions for 2005:

Lastly, the newest addition to the web will be Redbud's Classics, a link which will be a photo gallery of cars from Delaware tracks and divers from surrounding areas that raced at any of our area tracks in Delaware from the past, tracks no longer open, your favorite drivers, first win, etc.   Photos of past days of racing in our area such as Georgetown, Little Lincoln, Delmar, Vintage, classics, etc.  To be part of this simply send in the pictures to me by email or snail mail :  Redbud's Classics, C/O Bonnie Nibblett, P. O. Box 427, Delmar, DE 19940 Please include a paid return envelope if you need the copy of the photo back.  Also, I can come get it or you can bring it to me as well or meet or give it to someone to get it to me.  I have had this request of our old racers cars the last 2 years and proud to announce this section of the web.  I think we will enjoy to reminisce the days of what made our sport as we know it today.  A true race fan has offered to pay for the photo gallery services to make this possible, so if anyone one wants to contribute to this cause it is welcomed. 

  A few things to consider:

1. Please, You Have To make sure you have permission to post your photos if they were taking by a photographer. Or credit to the photographer person that took it.

2. You can start sending them to me or getting them ready to send me by email, scanning, or mail with a paid return envelope addressed so I can return them to you. Shortly in the slow end of the season I will be working on this now.

3. If Jerry Carr has a photo of yours that you want to have posted please let Jerry know that you want your photo posted so he knows. I have asked for a few but he is not sure he wants them posted, so you will have to tell him you do want it post on here. But a lot of people have given photos to him and let him know you wanted it posted for others to view as well.  Update- I spoke to Jerry to tell him about this photo gallery.

4. I would like guys that had their first win, or championship, best picture you have collected in your career, or just a car you use to race, and all included in this or your Dad's car, etc. I have had several ask for this so I have been working on it.


August 9, 2005 12:55 AM

My older dog has just passed away, there is not another breath hardly left.  Sable  would have been 15 on Sept 10, 2005.  I knew she had really fallen in the last two weeks.  She was blind and deaf, and had lost a lot of her hair the last couple of years or less and wore a diaper.  But she knew what was going on around her and she just stayed in her own little world.  She did not seem to suffer so I let her live even though her life was not much as it once was, for fear not being able to put her down and guilty at the same time.  Sable was in her own world though and continued to eat and sleep regularly.  I did not want to punish her by putting her down even though her world was so different, so I again let her to continue in this matter.  I am somewhat relieved because she has not been the pet I loved for so many years, but yet all those years she was a beautiful, smart, pet that loved me dearly and trusted me.  Sable I called her, but she was Princess Sable Coal, born Sept 10, 1990 and produced some very nice pups the few times I bred her.  I have her daughter, Hon-E-Pup, who will be 10 years old Aug. 16, 2005.  It is still hard but I know she is better off now, and I loved her to the end as she did me I am sure. 


July 22, 2005 5:54 AM

Just got home, went to the Delaware State Fair, in Harrington, last night, my Mom wanted to go, but to play slots really, I think.  She gave me $40 bucks to play with so what the heck, I don't go much at all with no income now a days.  For a change I had lot and played all night on that money and won a little and split it with her and then we played it right back in.  Anyway, the last few nights I have actually done something other that site here, so now I have a lot of work to do on here.  Never ends, got to keep you coming back!

July 21, 2005 3:43 AM

This is not race related BUT, I just got back from seeing Buddy Guy, (legend blues guitar player) it was an awesome show.  The man is 69 yrs old.   Also, I just got asked to go as company to a friend of mine to Washington Aug. 13-18, 2005.  Hey I am going, its paid for, so .... not sure what will or who will keep up my web.  I don't have a notebook! 

June 12, 2005 11:17 AM

Wow!  I had not realized it had been that long since I put anything on here.  Sorry!  Just so busy with all the stuff on the web.  Good news I have had a few advertise on my web and in the works to get more so I can get logos and decals made up for the drivers and fans.  I have been trying to get a few to finish what I made up as my logo, it just takes time I guess.  Stats are up more and more each year, and month, since last June at this time have had over 49,000 hits but over 27,000 visitors.  So if you are interested a standard banner is only $15 bucks or less or more if want other sizes, and I would like for you to do 3 months at a time at least.  If interested contact me at 302-846-3621 or 410-430-7625.

I have more coloring books coming, sold all I had first night.  They sell for $4 and they are wrapped in plastic with crayons too.  They are sprint cars in the coloring books called Little Racer,  but tell the whole aspect of a night of  racing from arriving to the track in big trailers, flagman, drivers suits and safety equip., parts of sprints, wrecks, and a big check in the end plus the inside and back cover are blank for you favorite drivers autograph.  Really nice.

Action has been good this year.  I added some new tracks with news and press releases from Bedford, Winchester, Natural Bridge, Elkins Speedway to have a edge with west, southwest areas.  Site has really grown and I thank you for all the support.  We have a supreme track and drivers and just trying to let us be seen by a lot of viewers that can't always get to the track or even if the do go to the track .  This season started the 3rd year.  I am trying to be the web to get all the news around us without you having to go to a lot of sites, all the latest news is in one place for you.  So keep passing the word on about the site, and thank you again. 

March 27, 2005 7:28 AM

I see it has been a while since I logged anything, as my friend Dale reminds me every time he sees me.  Sorry guys, I just have been trying to get pages updated and ready for 2005.  I have hopes of a few things this year. 

In one year, (Feb 04 to March05) the web has had over 37,000 hits and more than 22,000 visitors so that is quite good I would say.  April will complete 2 years and going strong starting year 3.  I hope now that a few advertisers will come forth to place banners on the site to give you exposure and help you as a advertiser.  I have proven by numbers that the web is definitely a good tool or marketing for your company plus it is very reasonable rates for the exposure you receive.  

I don't know if you noticed but I have been working to get a logo made up, and have one up now but I have someone working to make it how I want better.  I hope maybe sponsors donate or advertisers would help so I can get stickers made up for guys to put on their cars and others who want them.  I would like to also get hats made up, and maybe one day shirts if people will where them.  If I get advertisers or sponsors it would help pay for me to get this done.  Or if anyone does this type of work and wants to donate, that will work too.  It is Easter so I colored the eggs in the words, see!  So anyone that may be interested in this please let me know.

I also, hope to have a sponsor or sponsors to contribute again so that I may buy the ROOKIE plagues like I gave each class last year, and frames for certificates to the remaining rookies in each class.  Auto World was the sponsor for 2004 and Steve Stamps, without their help I could not have given all top ROOKIES the plagues.  So I am putting the word out now. 

If you have a photo of your car send it to me to post with the others for a 2005 preview page.  Each year I want to do this, so hopefully before long it will catch on.  I need you drivers and crews to keep me informed of changes and updates.  I put in a lot of hours and time for everyone to have news on DIS and all around us.  By the numbers it seems to be a success so far, but without your support there is no need to do this.  Also I have tried to make the web site with all DE tracks and surrounding tracks news so you do not have to jump from one site to another, most of the top news will be on for your convenience.  Let me know of things you want or don't want, okay.  Thanks for all your support though.

Last I just found out about Carla Jones Friday, I was so shocked.  She had told me she was not going to do the scoring for 2005 and would make sure the new person would take care of me.  I don't know if Carla knew then she had cancer or not.  I still can't believe it!  Carla always was a kind and generous person. 


January 20, 2005 2:00 AM

This year will mark the 15th Year of the Motorsports Mania celebrated at the Centre Of Salisbury , Salisbury, MD, 21801.

January 18, 2004 3:50 AM

Some of the news I learned at the Motorsports Show this past weekend is:

Listen to Mark Pettyjohn conversation from on Friday Night at the Lenny Sammons' 2005

January 14, 2005 11:57 PM

Looks like I am a little behind in saying Happy New Year to all and thank for such a good year in 2004.  Please keep checking the site and let me know of nay improvements or information you want?  Since Rusty is retiring, I dedicated a page on him this year, it will have different articles on Rusty.

Banquet time is here, PA Motorsports Show, then the 15th Motorsports Mania in Salisbury.  More details on that coming.  I am looking for donations to have prizes to give for the trivia contest and answering it correctly. 

December 13, 2004 7:00 PM

Has everyone seen the movie "3" that was on Saturday night.  I have not seen it yet but watched the end last night.  I was crying like baby it still hurts about his death.  Even though we fans or people are not related to him, I still found it so painful.  It is still hard to accept that he is really gone and the impact of his death has on us not counting his real friends and relatives.  it is always hard to loose a loved one no matter what, and to not miss them is impossible.  Our memories live on forever, but it is still hard to endure.

December 12, 2004 9:00 AM

Okay, I made up a Christmas page for everyone to visit young or old.  Please let me know if you like, it took a lot of time.  I have not decorated or had as much Christmas spirit in the last few years with everything I do such a chore anymore.  So I guess this was another way to decorate, I have not had a tree either.  So I hope you like it and you show your kids. 

I am looking for donations of prizes or money to buy prizes to raffle off at the Motorsports Show in the Centre of Salisbury for February.  All the donations go to the sponsor that is chosen by the Motorsports and Centre committee, not sure who that is yet?  Last year I had several donations for the Trivia Questions Contest, and I will again have that this year. was one of the higher monies donated last year, so lets double that this year! The amount are not counted that are dropped in the big plastic jugs, but ours was half full. So let me know if you want to get on board or if your business does.  email me at -

November 22, 2004 6:30 PM

I just wanted to suggest for you guys or let you know to check out the NASCAR new link.  I keep it updated and have photos added so you know the latest in NASCAR new. 

November 21, 2004 5:58 PM

Well the Nextel Chase is over, it was a lot of switching up in the score lap by lap.  I don't know where else I can say this, Shhhooo!! I was so AfraiD Gordon was going to get it!!  Thank goodness!  Its okay if Busch got it.  Johnson would have been okay, since that was the three to choose form today basically

November 12, 2004 2:20 AM

If your driver profile on this web needs updates with wins and championship please contact me with the changes, I will update them redbud

I passed out the plagues sponsored by AutoWorld in Delmar, DE at the champ show, all of the guys were greatly appreciated  and so did the ones receiving certificates.  Thank you to Steve Stamps for donating 5 fames for the certificates and AutoWorld for footing the bill for the plagues.  I hope to be able to do it again next year, so if think you would like to be sponsor let me know. 

Remember guys this site if for others to know what is going on with the drivers at DIS, I carry other press releases and news so all of us can see what is going on around us by visiting and not having to go all over the web for info.  Also PLEASE, PLEASE contact me with your 2005 news and send me your photo of your new car or call I'm come shoot it myself.  Since this is for you, this web should be your first contact for news on your team.  I want us to have to have the current news on DIS drivers, then other sites.  That is why it is called - Your Delaware Race Source and Surrounding Tracks News Plus NASCAR.


October 25, 2004 9:50 PM

GOOD NEWS! I have found a sponsor that will just about cover the plagues cost, that I want to have made to give to the rookie of each class.  Autoworld of Delmar, DE has stepped up to the plate, a very sincere thank you goes to them and if there please let them know how much their support means.  I ordered them tonight, they should be real nice!  My rookies of the year by points in each class are Mark VanVorst, Robert Massey, Steve Stamps, Tom Curtis, and Kevin McKinney.  I will be presenting them to them at the champ show, so if you see any of them you can give them a heads up; nothing special, figured I give them to them in the pits.  I need an additional $30-50 bucks to get fames for the certificates and finish with the cost.

I just finished the article for the Laurel Star today and it has been posted on my site, along with the next magazine article for delmarva sports action magazine on David Hill and it to is posted. 

delmarva sports action magazine has a lot of specials on pricing for ads, you should get in while the offers are good!  I planned to continue contributing articles in the off season so I may be giving you a call.  Let me know if you  are interested call 302.846.3621 or email me.

October 2, 2004 7:00 PM

Yes, I am alive!  I just have not put anything on here.  I have been busy still keeping up and  getting some things from my old computer still.  It is Saturday night, NO RACES! and I am gong nuts.  What do I do?  God! I didn't think it would hit me so bad.  Yuck!  No sounds, of hot rumbling engines, or the smell of alcohol or exhaust or rubber, anything.  Help!  And it is only the first weekend off!  Okay let me get a grip! 

I am looking for a sponsor or two to foot the bill for me to have plaques made up for the leading rookies in www.redbud69racing rookie in all classes, with your sponsor name on it.  I gave certificates and I will give them to second place on down, but I wanted to give plaques this year and buy fames for the certificates.  If you can help or interested contact me as soon as you can.  I want to give them at the Champ show in Nov. to the guys. 

Also, I would like Rick Bishop's sister to contact me and let me know how Rick is doing.  I heard he is having a lot of back trouble.  I hope it is not serious and he will be back Oct. 16. 

August 20, 2004 6:08 PM

I got my monitor, so now I have to get all these files straight and photos back working since I can see things correctly.  Gesh! What a time I have had right in the prime of season (June, July) for me to have all this trouble.  Being on disability and not having a good income made it hard to do anything.  Thanks to a new sponsor I was able to get my monitor.  Be sure to visit their site on the NASCAR and Home pages.  They have all your connection needs for race tickets or other sport events. 

I apologized to anyone that sent an email and I have not posted it.  If you sent me a profile and it is not up by next week, resend it, it may have got lost in the shuffle.  Thanks.

August 20, 2004 12:02 AM

I hope to have my monitor today, depending if I get money, if not by first of the week.  This is killing me not being able to see the screens very well.  After that maybe things will be back top normal.

August 13, 2004 8:30 PM

Well, now that I got my computer working somewhat not all my files are on here yet,  my monitor goes up, so colors are off and it is hard to make updates when you can't see it.  So I am working on it.

Aug.  9, 2004 10:12 PM

IM'S BACK!  Gee I have missed you all so much!  It will take me a while to get everything caught up now.  I am on my old computer tonight, I went to a computer shop to get something for my new on and explained I was told my Winsock might be bad.  They gave me a disk to try with Windsock fix it , and here I am.  All this time all the computer people, no one could tell me what was wrong?  But I need to update anyway.

Aug. 2, 2004 10:00 PM

WELL!  Finally good news, I should be back up by next week sometime.  I am getting another computer, however I am looking for a good monitor so keep me in mind if you know of one.  I will get the computer the end of the week or first of next week.  So it will take a little bit of time to get my files over to it, but bare with me.  Just to know I will finally be back up will is great.

Aug. 1, 2004 9:00 AM

Well, I have been here since 3:00 AM something after I left the track around 1:00 AM and I took a shower then packed all my stuff to go to another computer.  I got the results up for last night, I hope to return to do more this eve. or Mon.  By the way I was here until 4:00 PM. I am so far behind all my work.  This computer thing has gone from bad to worst.  It is driving me nuts, and I don't know what I can do about it yet, I am working on it.  If anyone works or sells computers where we can work out a trade with advertising or something like that would help.  I never thought I would be down this long.  This really sucks, because I cannot get my work done to keep this up to date as I usually do and it is killing me, because I want to keep this site up and right and not disappoint you.  It also cuts into my writings doing this back and forth stuff to another computer with files.  So if anyone has any ideas or help please let me know.  You can call me at 302.846.3621 or 410.430.7625.  I promise I am not giving up, so hopefully you won't either.

July 18, 2004 10:30 PM

My computer is still having trouble or more like my friend that fixes it has not been able to get to me and get it fixed.  This is driving me nuts, I ma so far behind.  I have been making the updates and taking them to another computer.  It is a real pain, so please bare with me a little longer.   I have made a lot of updates and hope to have them up very soon.   I have a lot of photos and they may not be viewed this way, but I have them ready to go.  Camp Barnes from other photographers and all.  I the results are up to date.  If I do not have the results up the next day after an event be sure to check a site like  Pitside  or  Race Pro weekly  for Latest tracks results.      


June 20, 2004 4:51 AM

Just finished the results and the links to them.  I got to wondering how you all do view the results?  1) I designed the web page on the main web page with the swinging gate picture for you to enter another page.  This other page has both a photo of the car and the word of which class it is in the picture.  2) You can click on either one the picture or the word and it will take you to the results for that class only.  I figured some people only like to view just a class or two.  I don't know if I had ever told anyone that or I did not know how many do know?  Or you have the option to view the whole page of results by going to the Achieve.  So thought I would mention it.

I still would like someone to donate either plaques or money to buy them for my Rookies in each class.  I wanted to ask also if someone might have access to fames or once again donate money to buy some or heck bring me some to the track.  I figured if I have some inexpensive fames to put the Headache Awards in, it might be easier for you guys. 

June 14, 2004 1:05 AM

I posted the photos Russ sent me, not sure why he sent them so small.  If I enlarge they just get distorted worst.  I hate to admit but I could not tell Rick Whaley car and one other one.  I know one is Rick's not sure if other Bishop or Callaway.  I know my eyes have changed some but damn I can't see enough to tell.  So get you magnifying glasses out!  Also, I wrote the Star article which should come out this week.  If it is next week I'll let you know.  It is mostly on upcoming events.  I have not posted it yet, will tomorrow night as soon as I get the word. 

delmarva sports action magazine will finish taking adds for July by the end of this week, so let me so you won't miss out on this new marketing venture.  So far everyone that has placed an ad has been having great success.  If you contact Bruce tell him I had spoke to you, so I will get credit.   If you have not seen it out yet let us know where you want to see it.  It is being distributed at restaurants, hotel, sports events, advertisers, and any other place you want to see it.


May 30, 2004 4:01 AM

Got a note to let you know of a car for sale:




CALL DON 610-444-7422


May 24, 2004 7:00PM

Mark Pettyjohn won in the super Late Models at VMS in Saluda, VA.  Congrats to this rookie! 

Just let me say I hope Cliff is feeling okay, that was a very scary ride.  It goes to show how much safety DOES play a very important fact in this sport.  I did not get to speak with Cliff as he had been taken to PRMC to be checked out along with Steve White.  Steve was in a Modified Lite incident.  I certainly hope both guys are okay, and we all wish them to be well and back at the track.  The crowd was very concerned for Cliff, and when he was out of the car under his own power, the crowd roared with applause of him being okay.   So Cliff we all are rooting for you! 

The star article was due so I got it out, and I am trying to get the track to post it in the Speed Scene paper distributed by the track.  After all  I do write it for the track.  Last month I did a kinda of run down of the events race action so far.  So I did a little different take, so maybe they will print it.  Charlie Brown writes all the articles for the track and they are posted in the Speed Scene, so if I just do a result thing it would be almost the same information they say.  So that was why I did this take.  I will still be getting out this weeks article of all the action so don't fret my regular and loyal fans.  I really appreciate all of your support!

May 22, 20043:40PM

Well, I know I have not been added to this lately.  I am here all the time, just been catching up on things.  I must be a real glutton for punishment, what was I thinking, when I decided to add all the DE Tracks and surrounding tracks press releases.  So bare with me, it takes a while to get through and post everything so I have not been saying much on this page.  Along with writing takes time. 

Also the Delmarva Sports Action Magazine is doing great, can't keep them in the stores, restaurants, and all the other places it is distributed.  Everyone loves it and it will be even better this month (June).  Everyone that has advertised in it has been getting great responses, so you don't want to miss out while there is time.  And if you have a story or function you want covered let us know!  We are currently working on July Ads, so if you want in contact me, as soon as possible, got some good deals too. 

I am going to have to make some change, not sure what yet in writing.  I might just focus on one class a week or something like that when I write.  It just takes so much time covering all five classes when I write plus the visitor.  Yet I don't want to leave out anyone either.  I know a lot people only write about the bigger or popular classes.  I like to write on all of you, so that is my problem, I don't want to cut anyone out.  So if you have any suggestions, I am open.  I think everything has been going good, and getting you guys exposure, make sure you tell your sponsors so they know they are getting spots on the web in MD, DE, PA, NY, NJ, and who knows where else.  Also if you want to advertise on my site I have very reasonable prices, and you will get a lot of exposure.  I have at least 50 hits or more average a month on each day.  In one year I have over 10,000 hits and it keeps growing.  Thank you very much for all your, and special thanks to my regular visitors everyday!  You guys rock!

I still want your news on your teams if you want it posted, also if any changes need to be made to your profiles let me know the changes, such as sponsors, or equipment, we want to keep it current.  Stop me at the track or email me.  Also anyone wanting to fill out the driver profiles click here --->Profile Forms to Fill

May 16, 2004 7:00PM

Well, I got on here to do the results at 11 this morning, I am just getting all the news, press releases and photos up for Saturday. There is a lot to do on Sunday, I should be cutting grass.  Time for a break, it is after 7, but.

May 12, 2004 11:00PM

Well, I see it has been a while since I posted anything on here.  Not that I am trying to neglect any of   my fans.  I am trying to get caught up on some things.  One of the web sites has set up a chat room for us or message board, I have not had a chance to get on it and check it out.  It is either NJDR or SJDR, I think NJDR.  I have not done an article yet this week, I may not get one in now, we'll see, it will be a short one.  Yeah right!  Don't forget if you want to advertise in the Delmarva Sports Action Magazine let me know or if you need copies.   Or on my site for that matter, your company will get a lot of exposure! 

May 3, 2004 2:42 AM

I have been on this thing all day, took a 2 hrs break and have been back on since 11:00PM.  The photo that Russ got Saturday night of Stormin Norman was awesome.  If you have not checked it out here is the link click here.  Also, still been working on getting kart site up to date. 

Last week fellow driver was hurt if you have not already heard?  Ryan Kerr was injured at Bridgeport last weekend when the drive shaft came through the car and cut his leg so bad it was amputated.  Card of Encouragement can be sent to Cards of encouragement can reach Ryan at:  Ryan Kerr

                       854 Sergeantsville Road
                        Stockton, NJ 08559 

We love the sport, but in all sports there are risk, that is what makes racing fans so great because when one of our guys is hurt we stand together.

April 28, 2004 4:45AM

Test-N-Tune at DIS tonight for 6-9PM.  I ma a little behind this week, still got to get my article on the race last Saturday, URC on is up.  The Delmarva Action Sport Magazine comes out tonight, should be hot and put all doubt a side.  Advertising for Junes magazine is underway, better get yours in now, deadline is May 12, 2004 for June.  More news to come.

April 25, 2004 4:03 AM

Okay guys, I have to be at the Go-Kart track today, which means no updates until later in the evening.  I just finished the results, so that is all I can post for now.  If I did not have to get some shut eye I would do more updating, just so you know why I have not made as much as I usually do.  I know Kenny Pettyjohn won at Virginia Motor Speedway Saturday night.  

April 24, 2004 1:28 AM

I appolize for the photos on the speedway from Russ being so small.  That is the size he sent, and I can't enlarge them, without distorting them.  It is better than none.  I could take some shots, but I have file and not digital yet, and my money is still to tight to get them developed.  So if you guys want met to get some shots you'll have to help me pay for them or a sponsor.

I have been thinking, that I would like to find a sponsor that would pay for some plagues or something made up for Rookies.  The track chooses one, and last year I picked one in each class, so I gave a certificates.  So if you or know of anyone that might like to donate and have their name as the sponsor on the plague please look me up or contact me.

April 21, 2004 1:30 AM

Well, I know I have not added thing on here for a little while.   It is not that I don't have anything to say.  I have just been very busy or recovering from just the weekend of walking around at  the track.  I just hurt so much it takes me a while to get over it.  Don't forget to send me your drivers or teams news, I will send it to other web sites, or mention it in an article and my news page.  It is good for your sponsors guys?  Also, any kart drivers that want a profile done on them just fill out the sheet on the kart site and send back to me.  Same for my DIS drivers. 

April 9, 2004 1:20 AM

I have just been busy guys and it is all about to just get busier.   Friday night, I am going to go to Middleford Speedway.  I had a few guys ask me last year to come check them out and the track.  So if you read this and are there flag me down.  The Go-Kart track opens this Sat. with a State Race.  Also Test and Tune at Delmar Speedway that night.  The Delmar Vintage Racing Club will have a meeting on April 18, for all members and anyone wanting to join.  The club has really been working hard to show that all drivers are on the same page when it comes to racing and safety.  They want to stress the fact that a few rumors have been floating that the club broke up.  THAT IS NOT TRUE!  They have been very hard to be organized, and new rules and revisions, which can be seen on this site here Delmar Vintage Racing Club Rules.  Meeting will start at 12:30 PM, for details or questions contact me or call Jerry Carr at 302-846-9601.  Also, the club will have a newsletter coming out, or as soon as I get it done, with more information.  The club wants to help drivers that need help getting parts or cars, and help each other.  Also the Delmarva Sports Action Magazine debuts on April 15, you have until Wednesday to contact to get in on advertising in this hot complimentary magazine.  When it hits the market you are going to want to get in on the action.

April 2, 2004 12:00 AM

to move your clocks AHEAD at 2:00am on Sunday, April 4th.
AND good time to change those batteries in your smoke detectors


April 1, 2004 12:00 AM

The 3RD Annual Racers Party by Emma Downie News and updates 3/31/04

March 26, 2004 5:16 PM 

Hey guys the latest "new" driver in the TSS Modified calls is Donnie Dutton Jr.  Check out his profile on the Driver's Page.  I have put a link for most popular driver in NASCAR on some of my pages, it is a contest.  The site with the most hits wins, so click away guys, please! 

The award has been presented by NASCAR since 1956. Dale Earnhardt Jr. won it last year, the first time a son has won after his father. Bill Elliott's 16 wins is the record. The award is administered by the National Motorsports Press Association, and is sponsored by Grands! Biscuits.

March 23, 2004 3:00 PM

What's up guys?  New article for the Laurel Star is out and be in this Thursday paper.  If you can't wait you can read a copy of it here.  Latest Article  Got nay photos of your new cars for this season send them to me and I will post them.  I see Eric McKinney won the Hagerstown Mod Lite this past weekend.  Way to go Eric!  To the Kart Club, have not heard anything back from you guys.  Do you like the way I have the page done for now?  See anything you want posted guys.

March 19, 2004 10:05 PM

Got a notice from Beckley Motor Speedway about some dates of races with big money purses.  See notice in my Dirt news Page or the notice  and the tracks site at Beckley Motor Speedway.

The U. S. Kart Club will start practice on Saturday, March 20 & 27.  Gates open at 9:00 AM, $ 4.00 Admission fee.

March 17, 2004 2:00 AM

Happy St. Patrick's Day Yes I do have a little Irish in me!  However I don't have the pot or mine is empty anyway!

U. S. 13 Kart Club will be holding practice this Saturday, Gates open 9:00 AM.  See schedule here

If you like the Kart Club page tell them so, and tell them you want me to do the site.  New driver to the AC Delco class is Donnie Lee Dutton Jr., he is Robert Dutton's Nephew.  Good luck Donnie!

March 13, 2004 5:00 PM    

Don't forget Test N Tune for the Dragway on Sunday is the last one before the season starts.

COMING SOON!  First issue to debut April 15, 2004 See me for details!      Get in on this hot new magazine!

March 11, 2004 12:18 AM

Hey guys, I have just been busy trying to keep up with updates and finding news.  I think things have grown on my site.  I am going to try to keep up with the news at the DE tracks such as DIS, Middleford and Airport Speedway.  I have contacted both tracks and asked for their press releases so I can post them. I have also been getting or posting stuff on the surrounding tracks.  What is you take on this?  I am trying to include, Hagerstown, Potomac, Bridgeport, VA Motor Speedway, URC news, TOTH News, and Xtreme News.  I am thinking of contacting Winchester.  Do you have any tracks I may have missed?  Let me know? 

In case you have not noticed, everyone one is saying the number of hits I have in less than a year is very good?  As of tonight almost 6000 hits, and I accidentally wiped out over a thousand other hits when I took my construction page down. So for any of you that were thinking on Advertising, you will get exposure on my site!  Call me for rates.

March 4, 2004 10:32 PM

What is going on guys?  The last few days of nice weather has really started to give me the itch for my NEED FOR SPEED, and only made want some racing, bad!    Don't forget my web site was selected by to be the "site of the month"  for March.  Be sure to visit them.  Make sure to send me some news or pictures of you car and teams for the year, so I can post them for you.

March 2, 2004 2:12 AM

The Delmar Vintage Racing Club will hold a meeting Tuesday night at 6:30 PM call Jerry Carr if you have any questions about joining or attending at  302.846.9601.

February 27, 2004 1:47 AM:

The Delmarva Sports Action Magazine is up so check it out, any questions be sure to contact me.  Emma's Turn Four Driver Reports has had some updates on drivers so check it out as well.  My article for the Laurel Star came out Thursday, I usually pick mine up in Delmar, Wa-Wa, or Cheers, or Rite Aid.  The article is on the site, but it is cool seeing it in the black and white.  Also, the U. S. 13 Dragway opens Sunday for Test and Tune.

February 25, 2004 2:30 AM:

Well guys, I have been busy doing updates and stuff for 2004.  My web site was selected by to be the site of the month  for March.  So make sure you check out their site.  Thanks a lot guys. 

Also, I have news of a HOT new magazine called Delmarva Sports Action Magazine.  I will have more on this as soon as I can take a minute to write you a note on it.  I will have a sample of it on the site soon.  Bruce and Susan Walls, of Action Enterprises will be the backbone of this project.  A lot of buzz about how enthused everyone is about the magazine and they can't wait for the first issue coming April 15, 2004.  This will be a great magazine covering sports of all kinds on the Delmarva.  If you are interested in more about it call me or email me. 

February 20, 2004 11:30 AM:

I have been busy guys and not saying much on this page.  I have been trying to find the guys that will be in this new class and get their take on why they are going in the AC Delco TSS Modified, and any other things they feel about them.  My article for the laurel Star is due and I was thinking of putting some news on the guys going into this class.  I have only been able to contact a few of them also.  So if you read this and are changing contact me. 

Also, some other news is about a new magazine that will be coming out in April or on the 15th.  It is called "Delmarva Sports Action Magazine" and is being done by Action Enterprises.  If you are not sure who that is, Bruce and Susan Walls, photographers for World Kart Association, and other many media publicist.  This will be a magazine covering a wide variety of sports, including boating, golf, Motorsports, Horse racing, sailing, softball, baseball, and any other sport on the Delmarva Peninsula.  It will a positive upbeat magazine with many columnists contributing including myself.  Presently, I am looking for anyone that might like to have this wide exposure for their business and want to advertise in this new hot magazine.  I have a sample, and it really looks great.  It will be distributed once a month, with news of sports form Dover, to the Chesapeake Tunnel, to the Bay Bridge, to the east coast.  A large area, but well worth every bit of the information covered.  So contact me if you might like more details, just in cast I miss you and you are interested in this. and I will get back with you.


February 14, 2004 12:28 PM

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  I am sure I will get what I always get, nothing.  What a bad week, I hope I am on the last leg of this stuff.  It was bad enough to have to recover from the Motorsports Show, which I am kinda use to having to recover when I do almost anything it seems if it involves walking, or moving a lot.  But Wednesday night or so I started with some damn stomach virus.  I have not had a stomach virus since I worked at the jail.  I use to always get them a few times a year when I was there, and never had them before I worked there either.  But, man, what a rough few days it has been, I have been in so much discomfort and pain in my stomach.  The only relief is sleeping to not feel the knots, pain, or bloated all rolled into one.  This is the longest I have been able to sit up which is only about 20mins.  So I hope it is almost passed.  You know I get tired of complaining or saying I feel bad, and I am sure you hate reading it.  I have never been a sickly person, always healthy, and kept on trucking.  If I complained I am sick then I was.  But, now I have always got this or that wrong, I hate this.  Yet, my disability company from work thinks I am okay.  I just don't get it, do you really think I like not being able to do as I wish?  Sorry, I guess I needed to vent.

I have been watching or listening to Daytona stuff, but not kept things up on the sight, so hopefully, if I start to feel better I will be able to get it caught up.

February 12, 2004 6:18PM

Sorry guys, I have been recovering from the weekend of the Motorsports show.  I have not been on line the last few days, and I apologize, I knew it would take a few days to recover from it.  

I must say that since last year and I started this web page, I don't have the time to read and keep up on my NASCAR.  I am keeping up on it but not as much as I like.  Plus not my news link in the last week.  Sorry!

February 7, 2004 12:15AM

The Motorsports show seem to have a good crowd spite the dreadful rain all afternoon and evening.  I forgot to mention that Kenny Pettyjohn is suppose to be racing pretty much at the VA Motor Speedway, I had heard this before.  Kenny is supposed to be helping along "new " to the Late Model class, Matt Hubbard, former Modified Lite driver.  I also had heard that David Hill will also be frequenting  VA Motor Speedway as well.  While  we will miss them, some more than others,  there are some guys from last year that were very strong, like Ray Davis Jr., Dale Lingo, Dale Bounds and of coarse another Pettyjohn, who will be challenging those guys.  So I still make a good Late Model field.  Forgive me as not having much updates about NASCAR.  I have been busy with getting things ready for the show.  But, I will be right on it in a few days.

February 6, 2004 9:48 PM

The cars out to the show last night unloading sure made me hyped up.  It was so good to see those familiar faces and cars.  Looking good!  New A/C Delco TSS Modified of Morris Tucker will be on display, other cars there are David Pettyjohn, Matt Hubbard, Ricky Johnson, Kerry King, Dale and Donnie Lingo, Jamie Sockriter, Tim White just to name a few.   Well, I have not made it to bed again working on this stuff for the weekend, then I ran out of ink.  So that put a damper on things.  Still been calling and gathering contributions for prizes of the Trivia Questions that cost $1 that will be donated to "Ben's Red Swing Charity."    Stop by and see me.

February 2, 2004 3:30 AM

Did I mention that the track was getting a new web site after all?  I just found out last week that they were going to get a new after all.  It was not planned, but more or less had to be done.  So it should be nice and easier to keep updated.  Check it out Delaware International Speedway new web site.  I was not able to make it to the DIS Speedway Banquet after planning to go for so long.  I had an anxiety attack or whatever it is called when you can't breathe.  It took a tool on me and a few days for me to get myself together.  It completely knocked me for a loop and halted all my work and all.  I really wanted to go.  There will be next year I hope.  I could not even work on my stuff for the Motorsports Mania Show this coming weekend.

January 30, 3002 4:15 AM

Well I got the photo galleries straight and back up.  It seemed that there were just to many on one I guess.  Don't forget the Speedways Banquet is Saturday night, starting at 5:00 PM. at the Delmarva Convention Hall, in Delmar, MD.  

January 28, 2004 3:42 AM

Something is wrong with one of my files of links I should say.  The Motorsports page with the most images is not showing the images, I added some new ones last night.  They are they, but it is not working right, I worked all night  and redid the whole page and renamed it.  So I am still working on it, sorry guys.

January 27, 2004 1:21 AM

Well, did some updating, another night here all night.  I was informed by a Pettyjohn fan of Kenny's page, it is not ready yet, but in the works.  Also, a site for Matt Hubbard.  Heard some other rumors about that or those two.  If you know anything definite let me know.  I talked with Eddy and Mark at the Motorsports show and nothing was said about anything other than what I already posted.

Don't forget the DIS Banquet is Saturday night, I will be there.  If you have driver profile sheet for me, bring it to me if you want.  Also, anything else you want to share.  Don't for get check your Laurel Banner for a new copy of my article.

Also, the Motorsports Mania will be in as little as two weeks, I may have more details to share.

January 26, 2004 12:50 PM

Okay it is now  5:52Am, and I am still chained here, but I am getting ready to get off of here.  Its one of the advantages of being at home, because I can stop when I feel bad, or stay on if I can't sleep, or whatever, since I can't do as I want any more.  I told my insurance company from work about my site, and they wanted to know if I can do this why can't I work!  Well, being home is better when you are nausea, sore, can't function normally, and by not never knowing how I will feel one hour to the next does not make a dependable worker.  I can pace myself here and come and go to my desk, not like a regular work environment.  I am in an appeal for my earnings, do you think I really want not to be able to do things?  ANYWAY, the rules are finished and up, so check them out. Got a new message board I was told about Tri-State Racing Boards from a co writer from Fire on Dirt has other tracks on it and some other interesting things.

Well, I logged on around 6 Pm, and I am still here.  I put up what rules for the AC Delco TSS Modified I have done.  I have had many press releases coming in all night, so worked on them.  So I will continue to work on the rules, just bare with me.  I tried to email Delaware Dirt Track Racing, Rick to ask him to post about the schedule and rules are on my site, but the emails got sent back to me undeliverable.  That happens time to time, so if you can let him know, any of you that go on the message board.  Don't forget Send me your news on your team.

January 24, 2004 9:15 PM

Okay the schedule is up, I am working on the rules for the AC Delco TSS Modified class.

January 24, 2004 4:45 AM

I have written my article for the Laurel Star which will come out this Wednesday.  I am in the process of putting the new AC Delco TSS Modified rules could be view from here.  It looks like I am going to have to re-type them, and the schedule.  So give me a day or two if they are not up.

January 20, 2004 5:33 PM

I saw Jake Marine's car, where Ricky Elliott will be driving the number 85 at Bridgeport Speedway for 2004, the car sure looked sharp with the new paint scheme and the colors.  I saw the number 12 co-owned by Terry Bradshaw that Tim Fedewa will be driving.  There was much to see, and all the cars looked sharp for the new season this year.   Look at all the Images

Happy 22nd  Birthday Jeremy!  I hope to get him into drawing some of your cars guys.

January 19, 2004 6:44 PM

I'm back?  Miss me?  I am sure you did, just kidding, your more than likely to have said, miss who, if you were even on here?  Okay enough of that, lets' get to some updates.  I attended the Motorsports show and here are some of my findings.

It was a very good trip with a lot to see.

January 17, 2004 2:20 AM

Well, the news I got today, was that currently, there are no dates scheduled for the WoO at DIS.  The original date that was to be for DIS on May 26, 2004 was now not available, and the July 25, 2004 date would only be accepted if the May date was scheduled a sure thing.   So with the dates not  available for DIS no dates are presently scheduled.   WoO will be in areas along the same time in  the North to us, but not willing to come here it seems.  The Xtreme is still not final either.  Don't forget I will not be back to update until Sunday, going to the Motorsports Show.  The US Dragway 2003 Banquet is tonight honoring the top ten in each class.  Details on the main page. 

January 15, 2004 2:05 AM

I had already updated the site with any press releases earlier.  But, just thought I would let you know after Saturday morning I won't make any updates until late Sunday night.  Still here, I have changed some of the sounds on the pages.  Let me know what you thing, do you like them or not?  I will take them out if you don't like them.

January 9, 2004 6:15 PM

If you are looking for any 2003 articles, results, URC news and  all check out the Archive for all things!  I have to get pages ready for the new season, so for now they will remain on the site.  A lot is going on, I'll have more updates soon.  Check the NEWS DIRT or NASCAR and Xtreme links for updates in the racing world.

January 6, 2004 11:03 PM

Well, NASCAR today officially started Daytona testing this week.  It is the start to the beginning of the NEW Nextel Cup.  Here we go, soon!   I sure wish I could get top hear an engine or two.  Michael Waltrip last year winner  was the fastest today.

January 5, 2004 8:15 PM:

I was emailed today that the second date for the World of Outlaws will be July 25, 2004.  I have not verified that but more than likely it is correct.  Also Rom Myers out of Susquehanna Speedway has a new web page listed it on the links page under drivers.  They have geared up to what will be called Baker Myers Racing, Ron a young racer getting his start last year in a Modified comes from a family with a racing history and I wish him to have a good season.  Hopefully, he will be back down to DIS to race now and then.  Today would have been my fathers 79th Birthday.

January 4, 2004 8:46 PM: 

Hope everyone had a smooth New Year's and Happy New Year to all.  I have been trying to get all the  2003 stuff together so it can be view as we go on  into 2004 season.  I am sure some will still want to browse some of that stuff still.  I am also trying to decide where to put the hints about the trivia or the answers for you to find.  It will not just be sitting there for you anyway.  But if you are a race buff, you should know most of the answers.  Also I am going to the Motorsports show in PA.  Any news and press releases I am receiving, I am putting on the DIRT or NASCAR News pages, hopefully that will make it easier for you guys.  I also added an Xtreme News link.

December 31, 2003 1:18 AM: 

Okay, listen up in the next few weeks, I hope to put little tid-bits on all of my pages some where,  most of the answers to the trivia questions I will have at the Motorsports Mania Show at the Centre of Salisbury.  I made up a page today with Know Your Racing Flag which might be useful to those who don't know all the flags.  This will be the biggest hint of all my trivia questions that I will give you.  The rest could be on any other pages.  Also, if you have some questions that you would like to contribute to my trivia for the Motorsports show send them to me.  For those of you that are regular readers, you will have the upper hand. 

Here is the plan once more: 

Well, I have been on and off line for quite a few hours now.  Figured I better get my two cents in for the last time in 2003.  It is almost here, the end of 2003, lets hope all the rainy weekends go out with it so we won't be plagued as we were this year.  I am going to the PA Motorsports Show in Jan.  Never been, I always wanted to, but it never worked out, this will be my first.  I have had a few people ask me if I make web pages?  If you would like me to make your teams or driver web page up contact me, and I looking into it.  I can make up a page with the information you want, set it up, ready to go, then just update it now and then when you have things to put on there.  Be safe tonight, get a designated driver, me I am going to stay home, I am so boring anymore.  Be Good and I'll see you next year!  Thank goodness for you that will only be one more day, I know you  just could not wait any longer than that.  It is getting deep in here!  Get out your boots!  But really have a safe Happy New Year, see you on the flip side and keep that news coming to me.


December 30, 2003 6:22 AM still on line:

This year is almost gone.  This should be the new Crate Motor for DIS new Small Block class check it out, I'll have more details soon.

December 28, 2003 logged on:

I stayed up all night and all day really working on different things and surfing and stuff.  I found that the word "racecar" is spelled the same forwards and backwards.  Both Sean and Curt Michael will be in the URC Sprints this year.  Curt # 2, Sean # 99.  I'll check on that again.  I posted some things, and I have the message board running, so take your self there   MESSAGE VIEW FORUM and MESSAGE POST BOARD gees I have to do everything for you.  Just kidding, come on guys send some news on your teams I know there is some out there.  

12/26/03 6:50 PM logged on:

I hope everyone's Holidays were good and Santa brought all your wants, like new motors, new tires, new chassis, new paint scheme and so on.  I didn't get my Dell, but that is okay, one day I will.  So far we know Ricky Elliott will be driving number 85 for Jake Marine in Bridgeport, and I am sure time to time at DIS.  H. J. Bunting will be driving for Wil Brown in the 1W.  I don't know how many will go with the new Small Block GMC Crate Motors, it is suppose to compare to the Sportsman, but better I think, but don't quote me on that for sure yet.  The WoO will be returning to DIS with two dates I believe, one May 26, 2004 and I will soon be able to tell all I know.  Well, what I am told I suppose.

12/24/03 11:38 PM Logged on:

M E R R C H R I S T M A TA L L!!    Hope your Holiday will be fun, warm and happy!  I hope you guys picked up your copy of the Laurel Star today, my article was in it for the month of December.  Send any of your verified news.  Redbud

12/20/03 6:18 PM logged on:

Today is the first time I have been online and my computer not shut down.  My friend will be home soon to fix it hopefully.  I asked Santa for a new one, but he will more than likely skip me again.  But, mine is only about five years old but now a days that's old.   So please bare with me a little bit longer before I can keep up with the news and such as I usually do.  I have been able to get press releases on here so far.  So I just have not been able to make news updates that much as I can't surf for the information.  Not many teams or drivers or writing me either.  I do know Ricky Elliott will be driving for Jake Marine at Bridgeport.  The car has very hot looking a paint scheme.  I should have some news on DIS for the 2004 season.  I know some of you have heard of a small block class that will be running there this is true.  I don't have all the details yet, but I will.  Congratulations to Dana Walker for DIS Rookie of the Year. 

12/16/03 2:05 AM logged on:

My computer is really giving me a time.  I have not been able to get on here all day or night.  I barely can get to my site.

12/14/03 11:45 PM logged on:

The Rat Saddam, was found today, right where he belongs, in a small, dark, smelly hole in the ground!  Cheers to our troops!  Vintage Club had their meeting today, new member joined, and it was Scott Calhoun who will drive the number 14.  They will also be selling Vintage Club Jackets for $30, Photo calendar for $25, and hats for $8.  Interested let me know. 

The 14th Motorsports Mania at the Centre at Salisbury will be Feb, 6,7,8, 2004.  If you register before Jan. 10, 2004, it will $75 for your car.  After Jan.10, it goes to $100. Set up date Feb. 5, 2004 after 9:15 Pm and break down date Feb 8, 2004 after 615 Pm.  So if your interested better get your entry in.  David Brown can be contacted at 302-875-4209.  Email to:

12/14/03 12:44 AM Logged on:

Well, my computer is really struggling, I can hardly do anything on line.  I have not been able to surf to get news while having my web site info up at the same time.  So that is why I have not made any news updates.  I don't know what is wrong with it but something is for sure, and it really sucks, as this is my life pretty much keeping up on my site and news.  I am to strapped to but a new one, so I don't know what will happen.  Please Santa bring me a new Dell computer!  The Vintage Club will hold a meeting today 12/14/03 at 12:00 PM.  If you are interested in joining now would be a good time to see what they have to offer.  The rule book is on my site, and things look good for 2004 for the club.  More news to come!  If you are interested in information on the Motorsports show in PA January 16, 17, 18, 2004 show check my Motorsports News Page.  I would love to go, I have never been, always wanted to go.  I should have some news on the February Car Show at the Centre at Salisbury soon. 

12/10/03 5:21 PM logged on but not on Internet:

Well guys, I have been making some changes daily still, but I have had a little trouble with my computer.  So if I have not updated my date on the front page for more than 2 days, it may mean my computer has gone ka-poop.  My mother is also in the hospital and that is additional problem.  Anyway, I made a message board but not sure if it is working quite right.  Doesn't seem that many are trying it.  I still have the classified ad thing, but I have not been able to get anyone to help me figure it out.  Any updates on any drivers please let me know.  Also, the Delmar Vintage Racing Club has let me post their rules so anyone that is interested can view them.  They are really trying to increase the car count but with safety in mind and fun as well.  They are trying to be organized and have the club be on an even playing level, which sounds good.  So guys and crew members don't forget to let me know what it is going on with you. or your driver.

12/2/03 6:12 PM


12/1/03 5:37 PM logged on: 

It is hard to believe it is Dec. 1 and I finished cutting some grass, hopefully for the LAST time for 2003.  I don't think I have ever cut grass in Nov. let alone Dec.  I put up a message board, may need a little tweaking.  I have the classified page made up for you to post your Ad, but not the rest yet.  Can't seem to get it figured out yet.  I am not a computer geek.  The Vintage Club has made up their rule book, and I have it ready.  We are suppose to go over it to make sure it is alright tomorrow.  I believe the next Vintage Club meeting is Dec. 14, 2003, incase you are interested in running a Vintage car this coming year.  I still have a lot of driver profiles out, if you want your profile posted send it to me, snail mail, email, and fax.  That gives you many options.  I thought I would maybe not be jonsin so much with the web site, and being busy.  But let me tell you I am not.  Yesterday was the second week NASCAR was finished, I watched listened really to the Crew Competition on TV yesterday.  Just to hear the engines and the tire drills helped and made me realized how much I was jonesin.  Damn, it is only Dec. 1 and I still have a ways to go before I can get me fix.  Any of you guys that want me to take a picture of your new cars let me know, and if you are just running them and starting them up maybe I can just come listen to it start and the rumble of the engine.  PLEASE!  Oh well, it was worth a try.

11/27/03 10:50 PM logged on:

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Day.  I  laid low last night and today, I was wore out from running some errands the last two days.  I have been working on the Delmar Vintage Racing Club racing rule book for them.  They made be their secretary for the club.  I should have some news coming from the track maybe.  Also, I wrote an article for the track for the Laurel Star newspaper.  I thought it was called the Seaford Star, and it may be if there's an paper in Seaford.  But for sure it was in the Laurel Star Newspaper.  I should be putting in one a month.

11/25/03 1257 AM logged back on:

I am currently working on a message forum for you guys.  If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, or even a specific time you might want to discuss a topic I will look into as well.  The Vintage Club held their meeting and ran down the rules for 2004, I am trying to get them typed for them.  Those guys are really getting it organized so the racing cars will be more alike but yet competitive.  Officers were voted in and the rules and officers will be a 2 year deal.  Their aim is to be consistent with the rules, and keep the racing fun as well.  It should be a good year for them to perform and give the fans a show at the track this year.  Things look good.  I am little behind in making my updates due to the VC meeting and writing the article for the Seaford Star and taking care of some of my things I needed to do.  So bare with me, I not going to slow down just because it is the off season.  I still have a lot to do.  Any drivers that want their profile put up send them to me, or email me for me to send you one.  I can't put them up if you guys don't give them back.  So far, I would like to thank the drivers that have gave me the profiles back.  I appreciate it.  I am looking for any flagmen that currently flag or use .  I would like to do an interview with them.  So if you know of anyone have them call me, write me, or what ever. 

11/23/03 1:00 AM logged on:

The Vintage Club will be holding their meeting tomorrow at 12:00 PM, in Laurel, DE.  Added just a couple of shots to DIS photos, they were for the article so I put them up here too.  Street Modified winner and Modified Lite winner, also a picture of Jason Cahall.

11/22/03 3:22 AM logged on: 

I was only earlier but did not write anything.  I just finished a article for the Seaford Star, I will be sending in an article once a month for the track.  There will be some new announcements of some new thing for the 2004 season.  As soon as I have details, I'll let you know.  Meantime, donít forget to get your tickets for the banquet awards. The Dragway will be on January 17, 2004, and the Speedway will hold theirs January 31, 2004. Each event beginning at 5:00 PM for Appetizers and Cocktails, Dinner at 6:00 PM, followed by the Awards to the top ten in each class. Tickets will be sale for $30.00 and the events will be at the Delmarva Convention Center, in Delmar, DE. Contact the Race office at 302-875-1911 or call the Hot Race line for more information at 302-846-3968.  Tentatively the World of Outlaws will return in May 26, 2003.  It should be finalized very soon.  I worked on the classified again last night.  I don't believe the track will be making many or any changes on their web site other than having the schedule, points, results, and pretty much the same.  That is where I come in, I should have any updates of events and other things.  So you will have to still visit my site, yeah!

11/18/03 7:37 PM logged on:

Went to Emma's party for drivers Saturday night.  It was very nice and if you were invited and did not go, Shame on you.  She put a lot of hard work in that for YOU!  It  was nice anyway.  I got a few drivers profile filled out.  I still need them guys, so some are coming in, thank you I appreciate it guys.  I know this is getting old, but I am still working on the classifieds and message board.  I heard that or it was announced Saturday that Bridgeport Speedway will now be run by Jay James and Brian Ramey with PPR somewhere in the works of the title maybe.

11/13/03 11:15 PM logged on: 

Hey guys, I have not had much to report this week.  Still working on the classified ad thing and message board.  It should be a pretty good show at Bridgeport, anyone going?  I am.  Email me and let me know what's going on.

11/10/03 6:28 Pm logged on:

I have been making some updates, but just not said anything on the journal.  Have any of the drivers looked over the driver profiles that are up?  Do you like them?  I am still working on the classified Ad and message board.  I don't want to one that will have a bunch of pop-up ads.  Anyone going to Bridgeport Saturday?  Emma's party?  I should get to both.  I am going to try to take some driver profiles sheets if any of my drivers from DIS are there.  If you need the driver sheet I can fax it, or email it to you.  Just write me. 

Matt Kenseth clinched the Winston Cup 2003 Championship when he finished 4th yesterday at Rockingham Speedway. 

11/7/03 6:15 PM logged on:

I am still working on the classified page, the one I am thinking of using should be good, if I can figure out how to get it to work.  I calculated all the film and pictures I took over the weekend will cost around $50-60, or more.  I have seven rolls, and I wanted to get a copy, plus the disc so it would be easier to download instead of scanning all of them.  I took a lot of cars in the pits and some on the track.  But I ma not sure when I can afford to get them develop, which is a bitch.  So if anyone wants or would like to chip in let me know.  I send them away, which is always give me the best results, plus I wanted the 5x7 size, like the ones I gave the drivers of the other pictures I took. 

The U.S. Kart Club will be hosting one more final feature Saturday.  It will be a money race only.  The admission price at the gates will be $ 6.00.  Hope to see you support this and at the track.  US Kart Club Info.

If haven't heard, the World Of Outlaws will be returning to DIS May 26, 2004.  The makings of Xtreme Dirt Racing Series is in the works. 

Ryan Newman what can you say?  Eleventh Bud Pole this year, last one to have eleven poles in a year was Bill Elliott in 1985 I believe it was 1985.

11/5/03 6:18 PM logged on: 

Well I stayed up until 7:00 AM this morning working on getting these pictures up.  I had them all ready around 4:00 AM to publish and when I did some of them were not right, so I  went to redo them, then my computer froze and of coarse I had not saved it.  It is a long process because I load the pictures, then I title them all before I save it most of the time.  I was expecting it to freeze, of coarse not.  I also did the results, but I guess when it froze I had not saved that page.  I was sure I had, I know better.  But as I said I have been ill the last few days, so it is easy to do I guess.  So I know I had sent in the results on the other web sites.  I think you will like the photos, hats off the Lisa Binder and Don Marks for such a great job.  I took a lot of cars in the pits, got to get my money together to develop, remember I have a disability income which suck!  Okay it is now Thursday 5:56 AM, I have been working all night making updates and all.  I think those pictures look great from the champ show.  So pretty much things are caught up.  I received another profile faxed today.  Thanks guys, it is for you, so please try to get them back to me.  Or if you know a driver remind him to get it back to me.   There is some URC news, Sean Michael will be in the #99 in 2004.  So Trevor Lewis must be looking for a ride.  Got any news on your team let me know.  Going to bed now.

11/05/03 1:20 AM Wed. logged on:

I am so sorry guys, I have been so exhausted from the two day event, I have been in bed pretty much the whole time since Sunday.  This is the first time I have even logged on.  I feel so bad, because I believe in posting the results at least first.  I have just been so ill from all weekend and in pain, but I will do my best to get everything done in the next few days.  I have temporarily put up DIS edition by Charlie Brown that was sent to me until can get mine up.  I feel so bad I let you all down.

10/31/03 1:05 AM logged on:

Happy Halloween! BOO!  Well, I am starting to feel my adrenalin pumping faster as this is Fri. and Sat is just around the corner.  The weather is suppose to be nice and warm, only it makes the track drier.  But either way the track will be dry because it is day time.  I got a feeling I will still be having this nerve flared up in my back, been messed up three weeks.  So if I have a ugly face you'll know why, plus I might come your way and be looking for something to lean or sit in to ease the burn until I can move again.  I hate this, it has been really bad walking, more so than usual.  So please bare with me.  I was able to contact two of the photographers that visit the track now and then, and had some pictures in the year books in the past years.  So they have hooked me up with some of their pictures, and will send me more soon, plus the Champ shows.  I intend to take a lot of pictures of you guys with your cars not so much on the track with action.  Although I would love to, it is hard to watch make notes and all at the same time.  I am always bad about getting film developed or lack of money most of the time.  So if anyone would like to chip in to pay for the pictures I would appreciate it, or if you want any pictures of your car get up with me.  Some of the ones I took before are on my site.  These should be nicer.  I just posted a run down article from the season that will appear in the year book.  South Jersey Dirt Racing has made a column for me, so our DE news will be posted.  So check out their site as well.

10/29/03 7:26 PM logged on:

Well, I am still working on the classified ad page.  The one I was looking at was not right.  The weather is suppose to be good so far this weekend.  It will be a busy weekend for me.

10/28/03 11:22 PM logged on:

Make sure you check out the new article "What's Next" my editor said it was my best this year?  All my work is my best, just kidding.  Also, look for my story in the Delaware State Championship Year Book on the season review.   Also I am still looking for sponsors, a lot of people say they love my site and visit all the time.  Get your Ad on here, prices are very reasonable.  There are some links on the Turkey Chase for Nov. 15, 2003, check them out.  

It looks like South Jersey Dirt Racing is going to make a column for me now as well.  That's great!  So my stuff will be on New Jersey Dirt Racing, and Fire On Dirt, plus more like Pitside, Hose Heads, and Who Won.

Word has it Bridgeport Speedway will be under new management or old old owner 10/27/03

10/28/03 1:08 AM logged on: 

Well, the WC race was completed today, I have not made any updates on  the NASCAR news yet.  But Jeff Gordon won the Pro Bass race at Georgia.  Also, I have not got all the details but Ward Burton has a new ride with the Net.Zero team, in case you did not know.   I just got a new connection on some photos taken at DIS by Lisa Binder and Don Marks when they visit.  Photos are good, so I hope to post any pics they take when they are here.  Check them out.  I plan to take a lot of pictures this weekend but not action pictures.  I want to get the drivers, teams and cars in the pits.  So if you want you picture taken, and I haven't' been by, grab me when I am walking around.  Okay!

10/27/03 2:45 AM Logged on:

Well I just got the total results from Hagerstown, some of the names were misspelled, but that was how I got it, so no I did not do it.  Congratulations to Kenny Pettyjohn for his 5th place finish in the Late Models.  Out of 249 car a lot of cars went home.  I hope we have a great car count for out feature this coming weekend.

10/27/03 11:45 PM logged on: 

Well, I've got a few pics on Hagerstown but the total results are not available yet.  There is a link to the Winners of each feature for now.  Gary Stuhler won the Late Model, AndyBachetti won the Small Block Modified, Brian Weaver won the Big Block Modified, and Greg Hodnett won the Super Sprint.  I hope to have a full list by later today.

10/26/03 6:12 PM logged on: 

Just wrote up a little thing to remind everyone of this coming weekend at DIS.  Have not gotten the results for Hagerstown yet, I'll check later. 

Winston Cup will restart Monday, 11:00 AM.  Race was cancelled after completing 38 laps and the red flagged for rain.  Kevin Harvick was leading at the time.

10/26/03  12:40 PM logged on:

By the way I decided to make this journal as a way to talk to you guys in the off time and all.  And so you can write me and give me news and comments easier.  Plus it is also for you regulars that want to know what I have been up to.  Oh yeah don't forget to set your clocks back.  I dislike that, I don't like it getting dark earlier.

Well, what a nice day for Hagerstown, I did not go but "Fans packed the grandstands and a portion of the parking lot was used for extra pit area.  249 cars were on hand to qualify for the Octoberfest 350 Saturday."  I have been to Haunted Forests though.  Good job in Selbyville, DE.  Anyway, this is a link for the starting line up and some pics.  There were 8 heats with 2 qualifying, man, a lot of cars.   I see Steve Bottcher qualified 3rd, Jamie 6th, H.J. 11th, Millman 17th, and Deron Rust 29th.  Some of the guys that frequent DIS- Billy Pauch 4th, Rick Laubach 7th, Brightbill 14th, VanDoren 16th, Hirthler 18th, Ricky Elliott 19th, Bunky Kell 21th and a few more.  Late Models had 5 heats and 4 qualify.  In Late Model Kenny Pettyjohn 15th, David Pettyjohn 25 th and those guys have some tough competition with Rick Eckert and Gary Stuhler and some other great Late Models drivers.  I did not se any of our locals listed in the small block but a few that frequent us, Ricky Elliott, Horton....  I will be a the Dragway so it might be later when I have the next updates or around this time.

10/24/03 10:54 PM logged on:

I am going to put a link with the Hagerstown news on it for the week guys.  It will be in the DIRT NEWS PAGE I found a message board to put classifieds and chat for those who may want to.  I haven't put it put it together yet, so bare with me. 

On the links for Hagerstown you can see the Entry List -  I saw Norman Short, Craig Mullins, Beau Wilkins, Doug Rose, Hal Browning, Glen Reed, Jamie Mills, Adam Jarrell, Scott Smith, Ricky Johnson, Steve Bottcher (who I understand will be in the 85 at DE),  H.J. Bunting III, Scott Irwin, Deron Rust, Tim Millman, Robert Dutton, and Ricky Elliott of most of our regular drivers listed in the Big Block Modified.  In the Small Block- Doug Rose, Rick Eskridge (regular street modified driver, understand he will try this in DE too), H. J. Bunting III, Horton, Tim Millman, Deron Rust.  Late Model -  Rick Whaley, David Pettyjohn, Kenny Brightbill (never seen him in a late model), Kenny Pettyjohn, Lou Johnson, and John Emory.  410 Sprints some of the regular URC drivers registered are, Mike Kostic, Pete Green, Brian Seidel, Justin Collett.

I wrote a article for the DIS Championship year book that is sold at the track, hope it is okay to every one.  I should be posting it on my site this week.

10/23/03 12:23 AM logged on:

Reminder: Don't forget to bring your driver profile statistic sheet back to DE for me, if you did not get one, see me I should have some with me then too, I am going to try to give the ones who I did not get the last time if I remember.  So don't feel bad if you did not get one just ask me, there are a lot of you to get to when I am there.

I have been asked time to time if I am going to have a classified ad section.  I am going to check on it and would like to know your thoughts on it.

There are suppose to be quite a few guys from DIS going to Hagerstown this weekend.  So if you have any news on your team write me.  It has been a busy week.  Last Friday 10/17/03 I went to the go-kart track.  Next season I should or hope to be posting the weekly results on here for them.  I went to the House of Thunder at Grandview Saturday, it was my first time there.  And Sunday I was asked to go to the Dray Way.  That was my first as well.  I always thought they just went straight down the track, but there is a little more to it than that.  But I still like my rubbing, but it made made me want to run my car.

For the past three weeks at least one time a week, some one has been to the DIS to get some practice laps in for the Delaware State Dirt Championship.  Today, Steve Bottcher, Jamie Mills, Ricky Elliott, and Richie Pratt Jr.,  were there and more.  Doug Hoffman was here last week I think or today, they have been running their Small Blocks.  Heard H. J. Bunting III may be getting an older car of his together to run, I sure hope he does and he is there.

Some Late Models were there earlier, like Kerry King, Donnie Lingo and some others.  Kerry brought Lingos Late Model and Lingo brought Steve Nutall's Late Model.   I know these Late Model drivers are coming,  Steve Sennott, Ron Kline, Chuck Shutz, Randy Stoudt (2003 Greadview Speedway Champion), and Junior Grebe will be showing up Nov. 1-2 to try to get in on the money train.

In the Modifieds, Craig VanDoren will be appearing, he won the big block championship with four straight wins since 1998.  Last year he broke his winning streak but managed a top five still.  I imagine Shawn Reimert, Ray Swinehart, and Rick Shaffer will be coming.  If you know you are coming want to let me know  email me: redbud69racing  Okay that is it for now, keep me posted guys.