I was brought up in racing as my father raced in the 50ís, 60ís, and early 70ís.  We lived in Salisbury, Maryland.  I remember going to Georgetown, and Little Lincoln, and Delmar tracks.  But Georgetown is really the track I remember like it was yesterday.  After my father stopped racing, I was more in the hunt of deciding my future, and just got out of racing for a while. After I was divorced (yeah!) I moved to another house in Delmar, DE, and it was about a mile and a half from the DIS speedway. So as time went on, I starting hearing the cars from my house. It just brought back all these good feelings and memories I had in my childhood at the tracks. None the less, I was drawn back in and suffer from withdrawals if not fed weekly.  I live, eat, and breathe racing, what else is there? MMMMM!! Let me see? Thereís sex! Well, that is another subject and we wonít go there. I never had been into NASCAR until the 1990-91, but do remember Richard Petty, Dale Sr., and Darryl Waltrip even though I had not really watched on TV.  As I began to go back to the Delaware International Speedway about the same time, every Saturday night and Georgetown in the 90's. Needless to say, I fell even harder for racing than ever before in my life, and thatís where I stand now.  My friends finally stopped asking me out on Saturday nights because they knew I would be at the track, unless it rains I tell them; and none of us want to be rained out. 

I decided to make a web page with information I find useful, with comments, articles, news, some great web sites, and my home tracks results each week.  My home track is the Delaware International Speedway (DIS)  in Delaware and I will have results along with the inside pit scoop. Take some time and check out my articles, I think you will like them.  I hope to have input from drivers, crews, and fans, and for this web site for to feel a part to everyone.  So any comments or suggestions are welcomed at this point.  I hope you like it and visit often.  Check out the driver profile a week!  Drivers page Pics, and a NASCAR & Dirt news link, URC Sprint Pics, news results, and area tracks special events, too.   When I started my web, I usually just went to Delmar.  Now, there is Georgetown (Yes!), Middleford, along with DIS.  I wanted my web to grown and it has with thanks to visitors like you. 

This web site will  be an involvement of the inside news, stories, special races, and families of racing from the Delaware, from my perspective as a race nut and fan, and through your view, too. Well, yes I do have it bad, is the best way to say it I crave this addiction for NEED FOR SPEED.  I yearn all winter long to smell the fumes and the roar of the cars running on the track, and getting ready in the pits.  I hope to make you feel as you were there, through articles or happenings within the teams, a driverís view, and hopefully some interviews.  I may not know some of the technical stuff, but I will try my best to explain it to you first hand.  Also, remember I am new at this, but I am trying.  So far everything has been positive.  Okay, I know some of you people want to know how I got this name.  Redbud was a nick name for me, because I have reddish hair.  Its more blonde now,  in the last few years from going to Myrtle Beach on vacation.  Sixty-nine, well, no, get your mind out of the gutter.  Well go ahead, I don't mind, it is really just a easy number to remember.  I use to have a team with that number years ago.  And Racing is or speaks for itself, I hope.  It is suppose to be about racing.

The last few years, some changes have occurred in my life, which I had no control over, but racing is the ONLY THING that has not changed in my life. If anything my passion for racing has become severely stronger than I would ever imagine.  Having to go on disability in 2000, cut my pay about 3/4 of what I was making, as I noticed I never saw any news on my home track on the Internet as I surfed. So wheels started turning in my head, which was good considering how ill I really was. My passion for racing seemed to develop more quickly why I was sick, because racing was one thing that had not changed in my life. I knew I would not have money to go to the races with the pay cut. So I decided I wanted to do something that I knew nothing of, by building a web site and writing articles. After all it would be free advertising for Charlie? Right? Remember only DIS was open when I started the web. Well, I never got to make the offer, but I did tell Charlie what I was going to do. Then I did it! I don't know exactly what I am doing, but have learned to do something. I am usually granted access to all tracks now which is very cool. Yet, I'm not making money, but mentally very rewarding. Let me tell you, it is a lot of work. I have to type results, post press releases on the web daily, and write too. Today the web redbud69racing.com has grown each year and to start the 5th year in April.

I just love the smell of the new exhaust, or hot tires, the fuel smell. My pit crew, who I sit with every Saturday night, will smell an aroma of racing fumes. One of us will say, Hmm! Is that antifreeze or oil smell? No wait, itís rubber smell from a fender rubbing on the tire or some other familiar scent. I love the action on the track, the rubbiní, bumpiní, and close racing between the drivers. The way a car goes down the front and back stretch is so sweet and track time records are broken each season. But even more are the way the cars slide into the turn, and the wheels are turning outward as they drive to the inside line. It is hard to describe, but if you are a race fan, you know what I am trying to say. I love to see a car go high side and hammer down and competing in tight racing between drivers. I love being in the pits because you feel that you are even more of a part of racing. I know so many and they know me as well to a certain degree, because I am always there. I think I could have been a driver, to bad I didnít try. I hope you read my columns, and like the different perspectives, mostly from a fan on the inside groove.  I will write stories if someone wants me to, just ask, we can work something out.
 See you at the track! 

Bonnie Nibblett 






I decided to make a web page with information I find useful, with comments, articles, news, some great web sites, and my home tracks results each week.  My home track is the Delaware International Speedway (DIS)  in Delaware and I will have results along with the inside pit scoop.  Take some time and check out my articles, I think you will like them.  I hope to have input from drivers, crews, and fans, and for this web site to feel a part of everyone.  So any comments or suggestions are welcomed at this point.  I hope you like it and visit often.  Check out the driver profile a week!  Drivers page, Pics, and a NASCAR & Dirt news links, URC Sprint Pics, news, results, and area tracks special events, too. 

In October 2000, I became ill or have a lot health problems.  I have gotten better with time but I still have a lot of trouble.  My love for racing was one thing that did not change, I went no matter how much pain or sick that I felt.  I also had a income change when I was placed on disability and I knew I would not have money to go to the track.  So I had wrote a couple of web sites and asked why they did not carry DIS news?  I was told they have tried to get them and no one would respond.  So I said let me see what I could do.  I started getting the results at the end of 2002 season and typed them up and sent out.  That winter I started to write article on NASCAR and contributed to CatchFence.com.  As I also realized I would not be able to go to races with an income change of $40,000 to $12,000, I started to panic knowing I had to keep it in my life but how was I going to do that. 

My wheel in my mind started working that God!  Which was so good because I was so ill the first 2 years that my mind was kinda dormant, and confused easy, trouble doing daily small task and a lot more.  I still have lots of trouble, but somehow I can write articles, and chose to build a web site.  I had never wrote or made a web site?  I still struggle but the web and al have been very good for me.  I still do not understand how I can do this and sometimes look on the back of box of directions and get confused, yet manage to do what I am .  It is no easy task and quite a challenge, but I'm doing it or something maybe not sure what I am doing. 

The web has really grown, the first year April 2003 I decided to make a web page because I never could find anything on my guys, or results on Delmar and a Message Board  to also include NASCAR stuff.     I started receiving URC news and others press releases that year.  So 2004, I added DE tracks a and few tracks around us like Hagerstown, Potomac, Bridgeport, and Grandview, Doc Lehman, WoO & Extreme racing.  2005 I added some track that are south west of Delmar, and added Virginia Motor Speedway, Elkins Speedway, Winchester Speedway, Natural Bridge, The Rock, Bedford Speedway, WoO Late Model, and Boundless/Dirt.  2005  people started posting more on the board and it became a hot item, end of last year.  I had a better board built with help of Racejunkie (LocalRaceChat) and the board is pretty popular now.  In 2006, I am receiving quite a few press releases from drivers, tracks, & writers now, etc.  I also introduced for 2006 Redbud's Classics which is a photogallery of your photos of drivers, fans, tracks, all from the past to show how our racing has evolved during the years.  You fans can send me the photos, mail them, email them, or hand them to me at the tracks.  I would like to show tracks from any Maryland, Delaware, or Virginia tracks from the past opened or closed.  So your help is needed for this.  Send you photos to Redbud69racing@aol.com or mail to PO Box 427, Delmar, DE 19940, % Redbud's Classics.

Updates and changes still being made regularly, and I know there will errors and misspelled words time to time.  I am only human, too.  Also note these are opinions from staff and other race associates not affiliated with the tracks.  Thanks to my Pit Crew for all their help, Howard, Peggy, Buddy B, little Buddy and Donna.  I finally got my logo made this season and still working on getting decals made. I would like to have shirts one day and hats maybe.  I thought putting drivers teams on the back instead of just sponsors.  Example, Ellis Motorsports, Will Brown Racing, etc.  The teams or drivers that would like to be on the back of the shirts will contribute to have you team on the shirt.  Shirts are a lot more expensive than I thought.  So I am still placing ads on the web or trade things for service, and save the money to get shirts and all.  I thought the drivers or teams might be different to have on the back of a shirt either car or words and cooler with more than one team on it.  The front has the logo.    I still am not sure exactly what I want but something along those lines.   

Don't you want your ad on here?   If you want to place an advertisement on here just contact me, very reasonable prices for the exposure.  The money collected helps to go toward getting the shirts.  I run the web page which I have been paying on my own, and some help of the advertisers, and I don't get paid for this web, and that is not my point I am saying but it is a lot of work and time, and cost close to $100 dollars a month with just hosting, and internet connection.  So anyone that wants to contribute or advertise just see me. 

Thank you for all my fans and keep letting people know about the web.  www.Redbud69racing.com See you at the Track!






                                Who is Emma?

Hi, my name is Emma Downie and I live in Harrington, DE.   I first started going to races when I  was eighteen years old to a dirt track in Willow Grove, DE.   I watched the races, and I soon became hooked on them.   I have been going every since, and to me there is nothing else like it.  I started going to the Willow Grove track in 1957.  It was in a field that, Mr. Lester Wright owned and it was a 1/4 mile track.   Some of our old drivers drove there.  They drove 57's Fords and Chevrolets, and  it was a great race track, nice, smooth and high banked.  Some of the drivers there are still driving at the DIS race track.  Like Eddie Pettyjohn, Jack Sapp, Don Twilley, and Harold Bunting.  There were a lot more drivers but, I can't think of all their names.  But they always put on great shows and Mr. Wright always had the track in great shape.  I have never lost my love for dirt track racing. 

I have meant a lot of nice fans and a lot of really nice drivers.  I certainly aim to keep going the rest of my life and support our drivers and tracks.  Just in case your wondering, I am still hooked.  I LIKE all the classes,  and I have made some pretty special friends in each class.   I just started watching the sprints and they are so neat and some of the drivers are pretty special to me as well.  But I never want anyone to get hurt in any of the races.  It is possible, because this can be a a dangerous sport, but most of the time things go smooth.

The last two years I started giving a big party to show the drivers how much I appreciate their efforts to give us a show each week.   It has grown each year, and I am already planning this years.  The community has been great in helping to donate door prizes, drinks, food, and others things.  I want to thank all of those that have helped me.  A special thanks to Bill Hess who always takes a lot of pictures of drivers for me to display.  Without all of your help my party would not be as successful.  Hope to see more of our old drivers and the young drivers at this years party, if you like to know more about it just e-mail.

I hope to interview a driver a week, and give a more personal side of your favorite driver.  So come on down to your local track, lets support the drivers and the tracks.  It is fun for the whole family, and a good night out.  Just in case your wondering, I am still hooked.  See you at the races.

Emma Downie

Emma's Turn Four Report